Matt Timperley

PhD Student

School of Engineering

Kirkham Building, KM001


PhD Title: An Intelligent Modular Power Management System


'The aim of this project is to develop a power management system that is capable of learning more efficient behaviour. This system is aimed at aviation and should not be tied to any particular hardware configuration. The system should learn general concepts and use these to generate control laws. The reason for this is to support modularity in aviation engineering. If the control laws are derived from generalisations then these same generalisations can be instrumental in the generation of rules for a similar hardware configuration. These properties together should allow an altered hardware configuration, such as replacing a radar or adding additional generators into a system, to use the same controller with more minimal learning.

Certification in the aviation industry can prove a bar to machine learning and this is also one of the research areas of the project.

The three major research topics so far are:

The ramifications of certification on such a system and an approach to supporting a safety argument for an adaptive system,
The use, or adaptation, of Explanation-Based Learning (EBL) for this project,
The consideration and development of a data structure for efficient retrieval of unifying statements.


Dr Maizura Mokhtar
Dr Gareth Bellaby

Research Interests

Explanation-based learning
and AI techniques.


BSc(Hons) Software Engineering, University of Central Lancashire


Institute of Electical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Student Member