Mary Drummond

‘Support and Sanctions’: A critical account of the professional ‘realities’ of homelessness

School of Social Work, Care and Community

Full Profile

Registration date: 01/04/2005

Expected submission date: 2012

Director of Studies: Dr Helen Spandler

Supervisory team members: Mark Foord


Foord, M and Drummond, M (2009) A Research and Consultancy Project for Chorley Help the Homeless. Preston: University of Central Lancashire.

More Publications


  • Provided ad-hoc teaching on the following:
  • Origins and Development of the British Welfare State
  • Homelessness and Health
  • Learning Disability

  • Older Adults
  • Adult Disability
  • Critical Reading and Research
  • Housing and Urban Problems


  • University of Lotz, Poland 2007/08