Llinos Brown

Llinos Brown

PhD Student

School of Engineering

Kirkham Building, KM002

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PhD Title: Human Science Aspects of Intelligent Energy Management Systems


'This is an EPSRC CASE PhD studentship in collaboration with BAE systems which started in April 2012 and is looking at the social side to energy usage. I am currently reading around this subject with the aim to define the route the PhD will take and define more clearly the research questions. The final thesis will take an inter-disciplinary approach investigating energy consumption and conservation and will aim to understand the reasons behind patterns of energy use. For many years researchers in the field of environmental psychology have been investigating the effect of the environment on human behaviour but there is an emerging trend in recent years to approach this topic from a different angle and to now investigate the effect humans are having on the environment.

Areas I have been reading around include the sociological and psychological aspects of energy usages focusing on behavioural change interventions, consumption behaviour (specifically looking at electricity usage) and touching on other conservation subjects such as recycling. Other areas of reading involve community studies focusing on conservation and also reading around geographies of consumption.'


Professor Joe Howe
Dr John Whitton

Research Interests

Environmental behaviour,
social sustainability,
geographies of consumption,
energy and society,
and smart household energy metres.


BSc(Hons) Geography, University of Manchester


Royal Geographical Society