Dr. Kim McGuire

Senior Lecturer

Lancashire Law School

Harris Building, HB018

+44 (0) 1772 89 3461

Subject Areas: Law

Kim joined Lancashire Law School in September 2012, and has previously taught at Lancaster University. Kim's research interests lie primarily within the law in social contexts, particularly 'hate crime',and human rights. Her recent work has applied 'perception' in philosophical and psychological terms ,to the law, and to education.

Kim also works in a voluntary capacity visiting detainees in police custody to ensure compliance with PACE and human rights, for both detainees and staff..

Full Profile


Accredited International Mediation Advocate
Alternative Dispute Resolution Group. 2015
Accredited Mediator, Civil and Commercial Mediation, CMC 2015.
Fellow of the HE Academy, SEDA Award for Supporting Learning. Certificate in Teaching
Toolkit , Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching UCLan 2015.
LLM University of Central Lancashire, 2013
Postgraduate Diploma in Law University of Central Lancashire, 2012
Graduate Diploma in Law University of Central Lancashire, 2011
PhD, History, Lancaster University, 2006
MA Modern Social History, Lancaster University 1997
BA Hons History with English, St Martins College, Lancaster University, 1996

Research Groups

Human Rights and Social Justice
Criminal Law and Criminology

Kim had an article published in July 2017 in The Conversation about the diverse and often contradictory views on sexual identity and orientation that can apply in law-making.  The article is entitled ‘Why a post-war legal debate over the impact of private sex still matters today.’


McGuire, Kim and Salter, Michael (2015) ‘Issues and challenges in the application of Husserlian phenomenology. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. (In Press).

McGuire, Kim (2014) Perception of Hate Crime: The Enduring Difficulty of the Law as Agent of Social Change. Contemporary Issues In Law. (In Press).

The Lived Experience of Hate Crime- A Five Stage Phenomenological Interpretation


More publications 


  • Society of Legal Scholars
  • Human Rights Lawyers Association
  • Law Society 'Lawyers for Lawyers'


Module Leader and lecturer for LW2502 Criminal Law

Module Leader and lecturer for LW2013 Criminology

Module Leader and lecturer for LW 1009 Thinking and Arguing Law

Lecturer Interviewing and negotiation.

Director of Studies PhDs

PhD and LLM supervision

Undergraduate Dissertation Supervision.

Academic supervisor for Knowledge Based transfer Project 'Raising Aspiration/Widening Horizons' project with Inspira, Cumbria, and UCLan Westlakes Campus.

Interviewing and Employability skills

External Affiliations

  • Voluntary Independent Custody Visitor
  • Member of Law Society Human Rights International Action Team
  • Restorative Justice International

Research Activities

Current: 'hate crime', especially 'perceptions' of, in national and international contexts, with emphasis upon race, religion, gender and disability.

Education and aspiration - self identity and life chances.

Book for Springer, with Prof Michael Salter, in progress, focussing upon Husserlian methodology and 'Hate Crime'.

Article: 'gender' violence




'When Law and Hate Collide' 2 year EU Daphne 111 funded project on 'hate crime'. Articles and a book are still being published from this project, and 'hate crime' remains an area of research and potential future projects.

'Raising Aspirations/Widening Horizons' UCLan collaboration with Inspira, and with funding from the independent educational charity, the Samuel Lindow Foundation.


Department for Education and Skills funded 'Leadership Development Practices' project at Lancaster University.


K. McGuire, ‘Victimhood: Vulnerability or Bias Crime?- 21st Century Challenges, 21st Century Solutions: New Approaches to Crime and Security Policy, Crime and Security Policy Network UCLan 9th September 2015

K. McGuire, 'Cumbria and Lancashire CRC Restorative Justice facilitators in Conversation with Dr. Kim McGuire, UCLan' Innovations in Restorative Justice: Emerging Conversations 30th June 2015, University of Central Lancashire

K. McGuire, 'Teaching and Learning in ‘Real World’ Contexts: Pro Bono Practice and ‘Situated Learning/ Communities of Practice’ UCLan's Learning & Teaching Conference 2015 University of Central Lancashire Tuesday, 30 June 2015 .

K. McGuire, 'Predictions for the 21st Century: The Importance of Engaging with Pro Bono Practice' .ASSOCIATION OF LAW TEACHERS’ 50th ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Cardiff 29-31 March 2015

K. McGuire 2013: February ‘NGOs and Victims: some cross cultural findings from ‘When Law and Hate Collide’ project. Life Cycle of Hate Crime: from Reporting to Victim Support and Sentencing, University Central Lancashire.

K. McGuire 2013: February ‘Hate Crime as Recalled: the Prospects of Institutional Re-Victimisation?’ Life Cycle of Hate Crime: from Reporting to Victim Support and Sentencing’ University Central Lancashire

K. McGuire 2013: January ‘ Law Enforcement and possible reform, with particular reference to disability related hate crime’. ‘When Law and Hate Collide’ 29th January 2013. Brussels