Mr Kieron Devine

Clinical Trials Clerical Assistant

Brook Building, BB412

+44 (0) 1772 89 1772

Kieron carries out a range of administrative tasks to support a variety of trials within the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit.

Full Profile

Kieron joined the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) as a full time Clinical Trials Clerical Assistant in May 2019, providing full administrative support to the trials unit. Kieron is currently providing administrative support to a range of studies, including CONVINCE, ICONS II and WORKWELL. Responsibilities include servicing meetings, arranging travel, answering administrative queries and assisting with other tasks within the Trial Management Team.


ICONS II: Identifying Continence Options after Stroke randomised controlled trial

WORKWELL: development and evaluation of a Work retention programme for employed people with Inflammatory Arthritis

CONVINCE: Colchicine for prevention of Vascular Inflammation in Non-CardioEmbolic stroke