Joshua Horsley

Associate Lecturer

School of Journalism, Media and Performance

Media Factory ME224

My primary creative and academic outputs concern the philosophical investigation of temporality within music composition, with further interests embedded in cross-disciplinary praxis between artistic and scientific disciplines.  

Full Profile

University of Central Lancashire

I teach on BA (Hons) Music Practice and MA Music Practice, with module leadership responsibilities on both courses. Further to this, I frequently guest lecture on other courses within the school, which has facilitated the enhancement of my skills within the context of a variety of disciplines, including BA (Hons) Music Production, BA (Hons) Games Design, and BA (Hons) Dance, Performing, and Teaching.

My teaching involves leadership and delivery of modules across levels 4-7 with cohorts ranging from 8 to 30 students. Taught module content encompasses cross-discipline collaboration of music with games design, cross-discipline collaboration of music with dance, composition, studio practice, practice-based research, dissemination, and dissertation. Within these modules I apply a wide variety of teaching methods to lectures, workshops, seminars, and tutorials, engaging music students with general, specific, and bespoke education across the disciplines of music, games design, and dance. My responsibilities also include continual monitoring and evaluation of programme activities, contributions to periodic course review, development and curation of public facing events, acquisition of internal and external funding, and involvement with recruitment and retention initiatives.

Modul Projects

My role within Modul Projects encompasses programme development, lecturing, instruction, and facilitation within workshop environments. Modul Projects is an Arts Council England funded organisation formed to develop and deliver innovative electronic music and digital projects. Modul Projects provides a two-week residency for students, aged 16-24 wherein laptop practitioners are given the opportunity to work collaboratively and develop their compositional and production techniques.

Research Activity

The primary focus of my current research is the phenomenological investigation of temporality within music composition from the philosophical perspectives of Martin Heidegger and Henri Bergson. The research is formed in dialogue: a musical investigation of philosophy with a philosophical investigation of music. The research is part of my doctoral studies at UCLan and involves investigation into the areas of composition, sonification, electroacoustics, soundscape composition, phenomenology, metaphysics, and perception.

In addition to my doctoral studies I research as part of a cross-disciplinary research group that focuses upon sonification, applied psychology, and the development and application of biomechanical technologies. My role includes paper authorship, data processing, research design, software development within Max/ MSP, sound design, hardware testing, and collaboration development. The current applications of this research include the investigation of gait in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and the investigation of ideal performance for elite athletes. Other research collaborations have included music with dance, games design, product design, interior architecture, craft, psychology, and biomechanics.


2017* Professional Doctorate (DA) in Music at
University of Central Lancashire (Submission of thesis 29/07/17)
2013 MA in Music Practice (Distinction) at University of Central Lancashire
2011 BA (Hons) in Music Practice (First Class) at University of Central Lancashire
2008 BTEC (Distinction) Access to Music at Blackburn College