Ioan Mihangel Parry

Ioan Mihangel Parry

School of Engineering

Kirkham Building, KM002

+44 (0) 1772 89 4218


PhD Title: Strategic Decision Making for a Sustainable Nuclear Fuel Cycle


'Decision making for spent nuclear fuel management has been technocratic: technical experts alone have been responsible for decision making to derive engineering and technical solutions. However, the UK nuclear industry has recognised that information regarding the societal impacts of decision making is also important to inform the decision making process. Also, sustainability in the nuclear fuel cycle has been recognised as internationally important. Previous studies have examined the decision making process within a nuclear industry context but not specifically with sustainability as a driver. This work will specifically address the representation of social sustainability within the decision making framework. The work will comprise two parts. The first will involve defining sustainability criteria for decision making and the second will focus on the measurement / representation of criteria with decision making frameworks.'


Dr John Whitton
Prof Joe Howe

Research Interests

Nuclear power,
Renewable energy,
Sustainable development,
Public risk perception,
Fear and public participation.


BSc(Hons) Physical Geography, Northumbria University

MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology, Keele University