Graham Calderbank

Graham Calderbank


School of Engineering

Computing and Technology Building, CM028

+44 (0) 1772 89 3318

Graham has been an engineering lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire since November 2008. He is research active within the area of tribotechnology and during his time at the University he has become a member of the Jost Institute. Graham is now involved in research relating to the lubrication of marine diesel engines. As a student, he graduated from Imperial College and specialises in dynamics (fluid /thermo /mechanical).

Full Profile

Graham is an engineering lecturer and researcher at the University of Central Lancashire. He teaches across several engineering courses in a variety of subject areas, including fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, dynamic systems relating to motor sports, engineering focussed computer programming with MATLAB and LabView, and the design & development of engineering products. Graham is also involved in research with the Jost Institute, and is currently investigating the lubrication of crosshead engines with a view to developing a control system to optimise the lubrication of two-stroke marine diesel engines.

Prior to joining UCLan, Graham spent several years as a product engineer for a Lancashire based company that designed and manufactured automotive components.

Academically, Graham graduated with honours from Imperial College in 2003, with a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering.


Associate Member of the Higher Education Academy


MP1510 – Engineering Development: Knowledge
MP1520 – Engineering Applications
MP2574 – Design & Development
MP2576 – Thermofluids with CFD
MP3592 – Motor Sports Systems
MP3995/7/9 – Engineering Projects


There are a number of conflicting issues regarding the lubrication of two-stroke marine engines. Fundamentally this revolves around delivering the correct amount of lubricant to the piston-rings. The aim of my research is to use online monitoring of the oil-film thickness to ensure the correct dosage is delivered for maximum engine efficiency and minimum wastage of lubricant.


Certificate in Higher Education Teaching Toolkit, University of Central Lancashire, 2011

PhD Tribology (on going)

MEng (Hons) Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College, 2003