Dr. Gary Lamph

Senior Research Fellow

School of Nursing

Brook Building, BB108

+44 (0) 1772 89 3471

Subject Areas: Nursing, Mental Health, Wellbeing

Gary has a vast experience of working clinically in mental health services and lecturing. He has a growing body of research experience and has a passion for patient and public involvement and improving mental health service provision.  His research interests focus on health service research and qualitative methodologies. Gary is research active within the mental health field and is a member of the Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing.



Full Profile

Gary joined the University of Central Lancashire in August 2018. Prior to this position he held the position of Lecturer in Mental Health at the University of Salford. Gary moved into academia full time following the successful completion of an NIHR clinical doctoral research fellowship in 2017 after a long and successful career in the NHS as a Registered Mental Health Nurse (Qualified in 2002), Psychological Therapist and more recently Advanced Practitioner in Personality Disorder.

Gary has a unique and varied clinical career in mental health nursing which has followed new service initiatives in line with the modernisation of mental health services. He has worked in forensic medium secure units, mental health rehabilitation, crisis resolution and home treatment, early intervention in psychosis teams, psychological therapy services at both primary / secondary care levels and personality disorder services. Gary has also been interested and involved in teaching and educational roles for most of his career and has taught at several academic institutions as a guest/ honorary lecturer.

Throughout his clinical career Gary has continued to develop his academic expertise, completing a BSc (Hons) in the psychosocial management of psychosis (COPE) and MSc in advanced practice interventions in mental health (COPE) both at the University of Manchester.

Gary is a BABCP accredited cognitive behavioural psycho-therapist and has been accredited for 8 yrs. He has a special interest in the psychological treatment of a variety of complex mental health presentations including psychosis, obsessive compulsive disorder and personality disorder (including self-injury). In 2010 Gary was recruited as an advanced practitioner in personality disorder (NHS band 8a) and strategically led the development of a multi-agency personality disorder strategy that was the first of its kind in the UK. This strategy received national recognition in 2011 when Gary awarded the national ‘Nursing Times Award in Mental Health’.

In 2013 he was awarded a prestigious fulltime NIHR funded Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship (Award of £208,233), which was complete at the University of Manchester under the Supervision of Professor Karina Lovell (University of Manchester), Professor John Baker (University of Leeds) and Dr Tommy Dickinson (Kings College London).  Gary’s PhD thesis was complete in 2017 and the research is entitled ‘'Enhancing Understanding of the Experience of People with Common Mental Health Disorders and Co-Morbid Personality Disorder Traits who Present to Primary Care IAPT Services’.

Gary currently holds the position of Joint Secretary for the British and Irish Group for the Study of Personality Disorder (BIGSPD) and has a special interest in personality disorder in primary care. Gary is particularly interested in health service research, qualitative research and framework analysis. He has extensive experience of supporting user involvement and working in co-production with patients both in NHS services and in research. He also has an interest in executive coaching and supported the development of senior leaders in his previous NHS trust in the development of their coaching skills. Gary has completed his PGCAP and is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy.


Lamph, G., Sampson, M., Smith, D., Williamson, G., and Guyers, M (2018) Can an interactive e-learning training package improve the understanding of Personality Disorder within mental health professionals? The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice. Online published

Lamph, G., Latham, C., Smith, D., Brown, A, Doyle, J. and Sampson, M. (2014) Evaluating the impact of a nationally recognised training programme that aims to raise the awareness and challenge attitudes of personality disorder in multi-agency partners. The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice. 9, 2, 89-100. This paper received a Highly Commended Paper Award in the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.

Lamph, G and Hickey, E (2012) An Inclusive Approach to Personality Disorders. Nursing Times 108, 39, 18-20.

Lamph, G (2011) Raising Awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder and Self-Injury. Nursing Standard 26, 5, 35-40.



2014 – 2016: Gary has held and complete a full time 3 year NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship (CDRF) (National Institute for Health Research, United Kingdom). Awarded funding (£208, 233), Hosted by the 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, he complete his PhD and academic development at the University of Manchester, under the supervision of Professor Karina Lovell, Professor John Baker and Dr Tommy Dickinson

2018 - 2021: NIHR HTA Funded RCT Co-Applicant (3%FTE) The Clinical Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness of Clozapine for inpatients with Borderline Personality Disorder: Randomised controlled trial.



2017 - 2018: A key member of the University of Salford academic team who in collaboration with European Partners were awarded a combined Erasmus funding of 313,135 Euros to work in partnership on the following project ‘Strengthening multi-professional competencies in mental health in an international context, through co-production with academics, students, service users and professionals’ EC (non-framework) £41,681, Principle Investigator Dr Mariyana Schloutz (55%), Dr Gary Lamph (20%), Dr Emma Gillaspy (15%), Dr Neil Murphy (10%) (left project in August 2018 to commence post at UClan).

2017 - 2018: In collaboration with a local NHS Trust ‘Northwest Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’ won the Health Education England tender to develop a Pilot ‘Mental Health Liaison Core Competency Training’ across the Northwest of England.  Gary led the development of this application as the University of Salford Principle Investigator and Academic lead for this Project.  The programme development phase was led by Gary, due to moving posts to Uclan he will during the implementation phase form part of evaluation and delivery team. (Total Award £100,000)

External Affiliations

Joint Secretary for the ‘British and Irish Group for the Study of Personality Disorder. (Involved in annual conference and community of practice organisation).

RCN / Nursing representative / steering group member for the ‘National Clinical Audit for Anxiety and Depression’ (NCAAD) hosted by the Royal College of Psychiatrist in London.

Peer Reviewer – Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice

Registered NIHR Professional Reviewer

External contract with the University of Salford 2018-2019 to lecture on the Liaison Mental Health Training Programme and form part of its evaluation team which will be led by Professor Alison Brettle.

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Module Leader – NU3161 Introduction to Personality Disorder

External Lecturer on Health Education England Funded Liaison Mental Health Training Programme (University of Salford)


Lamph, G. (2018) Personality disorder co-morbidity in primary care IAPT services; Qualitative results and recommendations for practice. 24th International MHNR Conference Place purpose and politics: Re-imaging mental health care 13-14 September 2018 – Manchester.
Lamph, G., Lovell, K., Baker, J., Dickinson, T and Sampson, M (2018) Enhancing understanding of the experience of people with common mental health disorders and co-morbid personality disorder trait who present to primary care IAPT services. 20th-22nd March 2018 – Cardiff.
Lamph, G (2016) The development of a feasible and acceptable psychological intervention for people with personality disorder traits in IAPT primary care services (Oral Presentation) The British and Irish Group for the Study of Personality Disorder Conference (BIGSPD) Isle of Man.

Lamph G., Lovell, K., Baker, J., Dickinson, T and Sampson, M (2016). Understanding the Treatment Experience of Patients with Personality Disorder Traits in Primary Care (Poster Presentation *1st Prize Awarded) NIHR Celebrating Clinical Research Nurses Conference,12th May 2016 (Birmingham).

Lamph G., Lovell, K., Baker, J., Dickinson, T and Sampson, M (2016). The development of a feasible and acceptable psychological intervention for people with personality disorder traits in primary care psychological therapy services. 4th Int. Congress on Borderline Personality Disorder & Allied Disorder, 8 - 10 September 2016 (Vienna, Austria).

Lamph, G., Cooke, I., Ratcliffe, K., Shepherd, H., Wall, M., Latham, C., Simon, T (Co-Authors; Research Advisory Group Members, Experts by Experience 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) Identification and research recruitment of an unidentified population of patients with traits of personality disorder in primary care psychological therapy services (A UK based study) Ethical Sensitivities Explored and Overcome. 4th Int. Congress on Borderline Personality Disorder & Allied Disorder, 8 - 10 September 2016 (Vienna, Austria).