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Dr. Tim Owen

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Lancashire Law School

Livesey House, LH108

+44 (0) 1772 89 3254


Subject Areas: Criminology

Tim has worked at UCLan since July 2007. He possesses a PhD in Sociology, awarded without amendments by the University of Liverpool in 2006, and a master's degree in Sociology and Social Policy, awarded with 'Distinction' by the University of Liverpool in 1999. He teaches on both the criminology and sociology programmes and is the MA course director for criminology. Tim has published very widely in criminology, sociology and social policy at international level

Tim is the Director of the UCLan Cybercrime Research Unit (UCRU).

Full Profile

Dr Tim Owen is an interdisciplinary social theorist, whose work draws upon criminological and sociological theory, evolutionary psychology, behavioural genetics, social policy and philosophy. His published work, spanning over 20 publications, has a common theme; the desire to 'build bridges' between the biological and social sciences, in tandem with developing a post-postmodern genetic-social framework with which to examine a wide variety of phenomena. The genetic-social framework has been 'applied' to a wide range of subjects including crime and criminal behaviour, human biotechnology, the Human Genome Project, ageing, globalization, citizenship , and masculinities. He has published in a wide variety of international journals such as Sage's Current Sociology, and his recent books include 'Reconstructing Postmodernism: Critical Debates' [2007, Nova Science] with Jason L.Powell, which featured contributions from George Ritzer, Nicos Mouzelis, Derek Layder, Barry Smart and other leading social theorists, and 'Social Theory and Human Biotechnology' [2009, Nova Science], which featured a foreword by Professor Derek Layder [Univ. Leicester]. He has recently contributed a chapter , 'The Biological and Social in Criminological Theory' to Steve Hall and Simon Winlow's [2012] 'New Directions in Criminological  Theory' [Routledge] alongside leading Criminologists such as Robert Reiner, Jeff Ferrell and Pat Carlen. Tim's latest book, 'Criminological Theory: A Genetic-Social Approach' [forthcoming 2013, Palgrave Macmillan] is currently in press. He has also very recently submitted a proposal for an edited collection [with Wayne Noble] on cyber-crime to Palgrave Macmillan. Four of Tim's publications will be entered as part of the 'Social Justice'  submission for REF 2014.       


Ph.D Sociology awarded without corrections, University of Liverpool, 2006 [External examiner was Professor Derek Layder, Univ. Leicester]

M.A. Sociology and Social Policy awarded with Distinction, University of Liverpool, 1999.


Owen, T. [2016, forthcoming] Crime and Neuroscience. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Owen, T., Noble, W. and McManus, M. [2016, forthcoming] Cyber-Crime: Critical Debates. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Owen, T. and Owen, J.A. [2015] ‘Virtual criminology: insights from genetic-social science and Heidegger’, The Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology, 7 [1]: 17-31.

Owen, T. [2015, forthcoming] ‘Evolutionary Sociology’, Oxford Bibliographies. Oxford University Press.

More Publications


Tim is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Fellow of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and a member of the British Society of Criminology. Tim is also the Director of UCLan Cybercrime Research Unit.


Tim is an editor of The Internet Journal of Criminology and is also a Reviewer for Sage Publications, SageOpen, Current Sociology [Sage], and Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences [Blackwell]. 


Tim has delivered papers at many conferences including ones for the Political Studies Association, the Socio-Legal Studies Association, and York University Deviancy Conference.

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Tim is MA course director [Criminology] and the module leader for CJ3026 'Crime and New Technologies', CJ3101 'Texts in Criminology', and SO 3107 Contemporary Social Theory. He designed CJ3026 'Crime and New Technologies' himself and the module draws upon much of his published work in the spirit of 'research-informed teaching'.

Tim has successfully supervised students at master's by research level, and he is currently supervising two MPhil/PhD students in the area of cyber-crime.


Tim's chief research interest lies in meta-theoretical attempts to 'build bridges' between the biological and social sciences. His other interests include genetics and crime, cyber-crime, terrorism, globalization, 'race' and crime, masculinities and crime, and criminological and sociological theory. Indeed, Tim would be pleased to receive applications to study at master's by research or MPhil/PhD level in any of these areas.

Tim is the first representative for the Social Science Division on the ESS Research Committee. He is very keen to encourage an active and inclusive research culture. In his capacity as an editor of The Internet Journal of Criminology, he has to date successfully recommended for publication the work of 14 UCLan Criminology undergraduates and postgraduates.

He won the UCLan Livesey Award Research Sabbatical in 2010 [£12,000].

He is currently involved in consultancy and knowledge transfer activities with two bioinformation companies and also in plans for income generation around epigenetics with colleagues from midwifery and health.