Stephen Kirkup

Dr. Stephen Kirkup

Lecturer in Nuclear Science / Engineering

School of Engineering

Computing and Technology Building, CM138

Subject Areas: Engineering, Mathematics, Computing, Physics

Course Leader of the FdEng/BEng Nuclear Engineering Research-active in applied numerical methods and engineering simulation. Experienced course developer and manager. Experienced lecturer in mathematics, engineering and computing.

Stephen is actively involved in nuclear research and is a member of UCLan Nuclear.

Full Profile

Research and development of algorithms and software for the computational solution of engineering and scientific problems
Application areas include vehicle noise analysis, underwater acoustic transducers, loudspeaker design, atomic mixing and capacitor modelling.
Developer of open source boundary element method software
Author of open source FDTD electromagnetic simulation software.
Software developer in Fortran, Matlab and Java.

Franchised Undergraduate Nuclear Programmes Leader. Course leader and academic developer of the FdEng Nuclear Engineering franchised to Bridgwater College, Sussex Coast College, Coleg Menai, Blackpool College and Lakes College.
Course Leader for the BEng Nuclear Engineering top-up to the FdEng

BSc (Hons.) Mathematics, 1984. (Univ. of Newcastle)
MSc Numerical Analysis and Programming, 1986. (Univ. of Dundee)
PhD "Solution of Exterior Acoustic Problems by the Boundary Element Method”, 1989. (Univ of Brighton)
PGCE in Adult Education, 1997. (Bolton Institute)



Journal Papers
S. M. Kirkup, A. Thompson, B Kolbrek and J. Yazdani. ‘The simulation of the acoustic field surrounding an open cavity by the Boundary Element – Rayleigh Integral Method (BERIM) and its application to a Horn Loudspeaker’, to appear in the Journal of Computational Acoustics.

S. M. Kirkup ‘DC Capacitor Modelling by the Boundary Element Method’, Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering, 23(9), 855 - 869, (2007).

S. M. Kirkup and M. Wadsworth `Solution of Inverse Diffusion Problems by Operator-Splitting Methods', Applied Mathematical Modelling 26 1003-1018 (2002).

A. J. Mariani, S.M.Kirkup, Y. Huang and G.R.Jones 'On Coupling Electromagnetic Fields and Lumped Circuits with TLM' Applied Mathematical Modelling 26 377-396 (2002).

More publications


Boundary Element Method, Finite Difference Methods, Simulation, Software Design, Education


Working Higher and the FdEng Nuclear Engineering franchise

BEng Nuclear Engineering top-up



External Activities

Member of the Working Higher consortium, overseeing the FdEng Nuclear Engineering 2010-2012

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Teaching areas include numerical methods and analysis, applied and engineering mathematics, analytic engineering and simulation, control engineering, dynamics, algorithms, object-oriented software design, computer programming in Java and Matlab, acoustics, sustainability. Currently teach nuclear science, sustainable nuclear decommissioning, mathematics and IT.