Dr. Jo Guiver

Dr. Jo Guiver

Researcher and School Sustainability Lead

Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise

Greenbank 146

+44 (0) 1772 89 4923


With a PhD in Transport, Jo has worked as a researcher of transport and tourism at UCLan since 2004. Her research into rural leisure travel and how to make it more sustainable has led to several publications. She is School sustainability lead, PhD supervisor and lectures on several courses. Recently she has established an inter-disciplinary seminar series, Time Matters, which explores how different concepts of time affect society.


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Jo has had a range of jobs in a varied career. As well as working in the service industry for many years, she has been a community worker, social worker, English teacher in Spain and the UK and prison teacher.

Her career in transport started as Assistant Transport Co-ordinating Officer for Norfolk County Council, where she organised community bus and car schemes as well as dealing with bus tendering and subsidies, she also administered the country's first deregulated bus area. Next, she became national co-ordinator for BusWatch, a project to monitor the impacts of bus deregulation on bus passengers. This post involved numerous press and media interviews and conference presentations, mobilising an army of volunteers across the country and organising several waves of a national survey of bus passengers.

While bringing up her family, Jo taught academic study skills to overseas students beginning their studies in the UK at Lancaster University for 11 years.

After gaining a distinction in her MA, Jo was offered a paid PhD studentship at the University of Leeds’ Institute for Transport Studies to investigate modal shift between car and bus travel. She used two methods: discourse analysis and statistical analysis of survey responses and compared the findings and assumptions of both methods.

Since joining UCLan in 2004, she has participated and led a number of research projects, primarily investigating how leisure travel can be made more sustainable. She also teaches on several University and School courses, supervises PhD students, is sustainability lead for the School and runs a seminar series called Time Matters. Her publications include research into the organisation of destination management partnerships, the impact of disruption on travellers, the potential of attracting more visitors to bus travel as well as more theoretical papers.



Ph.D. Transport Studies, University of Leeds 2003
MA (Dist) Science, Society and Nature, Lancaster University 1998
Certificate in Advanced Teaching in Higher Education, Lancaster University 1997
Diploma Transport Design, University of Liverpool 1977
RSA Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language 1980
BSc Hons (ScoSci) Geography and Economics, University of Bradford 1973



Guiver, J., Lumsdon, L. and Weston, R. (2008) Traffic reduction at visitor attractions: the case of Hadrian’s Wall. Journal of Transport Geography, 16 (2). pp. 142-150.

Guiver, J. Lumsdon, L and Weston, R. (in press) Do you start at the Destination? Are Changes at Destinations the best strategy for making Leisure Travel more Sustainable? Journal of Transport Geography

Guiver, J. Lumsdon, L., Weston, R and Ferguson, M.(2007) Do Buses help meet Tourism Objectives? The contribution and potential of scheduled buses in rural destination areas, Transport Policy, 14, 4 (July) 275-282

Guiver, Jo (2012) Travel Disruption: Three Case Studies. Discussion Paper. UNSPECIFIED, Preston, UK. (Unpublished)

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Transport Planning Society

Research Activities:

Tourist travel
Rural destinations and partnerships
Time, speed and sustainability
Sustainability and well-being

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