Dr. Candan Celik Elmer

Candan Celik Elmer

Senior Lecturer

Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise

Greenbank Building, GR323

+44 (0) 1772 89 4742


Subject Areas: Marketing and Public relations

Dr Celik Elmer undertook her undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree studies in advertising and public relations, before completing her PhD thesis. She went to Michigan State University as a visiting professor. She also taught at number of European universities as visiting professor including Cyprus, Romania, Turkey and Hungary. Dr Celik Elmer has published several books and articles on aspects of advertising and consumer behaviour, and is an active researcher whose interests are focused on aspects of culture, particularly cultures that are emerging and in response to, contemporary patterns of consumption.

Full Profile


  • PhD, Istanbul University Social Sciences Institute Public Relations and Advertising, 2004.
  • Msc Istanbul University Social Sciences Institute Public Relations And Advertising, 1998
  • BA (Hons) Istanbul University School of Communication Public Relations and Advertising, 1995

Research Activities

The Relation between Brand personalities and consumer trait personalities.


Çelik, C. (2006). The Effects of Culture in International Advertising, Istanbul University Press, Istanbul University Publications.
Kalay, A., Çelik, C., Ulusoy E. & Yalin D. (2006) Interviews with Advertisers, Beta Publications, Istanbul.
Çelik, C. (1997). Media Planning and Agency Relations, Journalists Association Publications, Istanbul.

More publications


  • Athena Swan
  • Distance Learning Project with East Carolina University.
  • Communication, Marketing and PR (CMPR) Conference Series (Organizer)

Ongoing Research

Elmer, C. C, Larson, M., & Smart A. ‘The transformation of values in American magazine advertisements between 1965 – 2005. (Will be published soon)

Elmer, C., Bas, Ahmet., Cintamur, G. ' The effects of luxury brands on physical appearance'

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Undergraduate: Buyer Behaviour, Marketing Research, Applied Marketing Research.

Postgraduate: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Research Methods for Marketing, Dissertation Module.

Research supervision for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD Students. 

Elmer, C. C., Jular, S. “Empirical Illustration of Social Change in Turkey Through Magazine Advertisements (1965 – 2014)”. American Academy of Advertising Global Conference, New Zealand, July, 2015.

Elmer, C.C. & Larson, M. APA Conference, England, “Changing Values in American Magazine Advertisements, 1965-2005” June 2013.

Elmer, C.C., Basci, A. & Cintamur, G. ‘Is beauty brand deep’ European Marketing Conference, Munich, August, 2012.

Elmer, C.C. (2010). “Culture and economy in a newly industrialised nation: the transformation of values in Turkish magazine advertisements between 1965-2005”.

International Association of Cross Cultural Competence and Management. 23rd – 25th June, England.

Elmer, C. C., Tandacgunes, N. & Jular, J.S., (2009). “Turkish Baths: Meaning Reconstructed and Refilled by Modern and Postmodern Consumption”, 7th Circle International Conference For Consumer Behaviour, Marketing, Tourism and Retailing, Portugal.

Celik C. & Gorpe S. (2007). “Function of Media and Function of Public Relations at International Crises Situations: 'Genocide Bill' and Turkey-French Relations”, is accepted at Tenth Annual International Public Relations Conference March 8-11, Miami

Pirtini, S., Tigli, M. & Çelik C. (2006) “The Effects of Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns on Turkish Youth’s Consumption Behavior and The Approach to Cause-Related Marketing In The Turkish Industry” Corporate Responsibility and Global Business: Implications for Corporate and Marketing Strategy, 13-14 July. London School of Business, England


External Activities

Editorial Board - Global Media Journal, Turkish Edition since 2010.