Dr. Billy Frank

Senior Lecturer

School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies

Livesey House, LH307

+44 (0) 1772 89 3851


Subject Areas: History

Billy first joined UCLan in 2003 as a course leader for Foundation Entry into the Combined Honours Programme and joined the history team in 2009.


BA (Hons) History and Afro-Asian Studies, Edge Hill University

MA in Southern African Studies, University of York

PhD, Edge Hill University


Billy teaches modules related to African history and international relations as well as coordinating UCLan’s Community History Programme. Currently he is researching the role of the ‘empire banks’ in Britain’s post-war colonial development policy. He is the co-editor of The British Labour Movement and Imperialism (Foreword by Tony Benn) with Craig Horner and David Stewart (CSP, 2010) and has recently contributed a chapter entitled Conflicting ideologies: The ‘public’ and ‘private’ faces of African Development in the trans-colonial period, 1930 – 1970 in Joseph Hodge, Gerald Hödl and Martina Kopf (Eds), Developing Africa. Development Discourse(s) in Late Colonialism (University of Vienna, 2013).


Liverpool and Empire, 1700 – 1970. University of Liverpool, April 2006: Old habits dyeing hard: Liverpool, Barclays and Cotton 1945 – 1970

The British Labour Movement and Imperialism. Uclan June 2008: Labour’s colonial development policy: The view from the periphery, 1947-57

African Studies Association UK (ASAUK), Biennial Conference September 2008, University of Central Lancashire September 2008: Labour’s ‘New Imperialist Attitude’: State sponsored colonial development in Africa 1940 – 1960

ASAUK Biennial Conference, St Anthony’s College, University of Oxford. September 2010: The ‘second colonial invasion’ explored: Experts, developers and bankers in the Rhodesias and Kenya, 1947 – 1970

“Developing Africa”: Development Discourse(s) in Late Colonialism”. University of Vienna, January 2011: Conflicting Ideologies: The ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ Faces of African Development in the Trans-colonial Period, 1930-1970

Development and Empire, 1929-1962. University of York, July 2011: The “proper concern of Government”: Private enterprise and colonial development in Central and East Africa 1929 – 1960


Billy is responsible for the following modules:

Year One

HY1101 - Understanding History

Year Two

HY2028 - Community History Project
HY2096 - HY2096 Colonial Impacts in Africa 1652 - 1910

Year Three

HY3059 - HY3059 African Nationalism and Independence, 1921 – 1982