Dr. Arati Iyengar

Senior Lecturer

School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

Maudland Building, MB130

+44 (0) 1772 89 3925

Subject Areas: Biological Sciences, Forensic Science

Arati has extensive experience in the field of genetics. Her research has been diverse, initially on transgenics and cancer genetics, but now within conservation genetics and forensic genetics.

Arati is research active within the area of forensic science and is a member of the Forensic Genetics Research Group.

Full Profile

Arati obtained a PhD from the University of Southampton for a thesis entitled 'Fate of novel DNA in transgenic rainbow trout'. Subsequently, she carried out a number post-doctoral research projects in the UK and Germany. She joined the School of Forensic & Applied Sciences in November 2005 and is part of a team delivering undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and postgraduate research supervision.



PGCertLTHE, University of Central Lancashire, 2012
PhD, Genetics, University of Southampton, 1994


Arati’s current research interests are within the fields of conservation genetics, forensic genetics and wildlife forensics. Projects involve the development and application of molecular genetic techniques to both wild and captive populations of threatened species in order to understand their population structure and evolutionary history. Data generated is then used to inform conservation and captive genetic management. She is also interested in population genetics of both human and non-human species.

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Course Leader
MSc Forensic & Conservation Genetics (accredited by the Chartered Society for Forensic Sciences in 2015).

Module leader
FZ2011 (Introduction to Forensic Genetics)
FZ3501 (Forensic Science dissertation)
FZ4203 (Evaluation of genetic data)
FZ4204 (Conservation Genetics)

Module contributions
Introduction to Biology (FZ1016)
Biology for Forensic Scientists (FZ1014)
Skills for Forensic Scientists (FZ1033)
Research Methods (FZ4001)
Forensic Genetics I (FZ4201)
Bridging Module (FZ2099)


Van Hoppe MJC, Dy MV, van den Einden M, Iyengar A (2016). SkydancerPlex: A Novel STR multiplex validated for forensic use in the hen harrier (Circus cyaneus). Forensic Science International: Genetics 22, 100-109.

Iyengar A (2014). Forensic DNA analysis for animal protection and biodiversity conservation: A review. Journal for Nature Conservation 22, 195-205.

Iyengar A, Gilbert T, Woodfine T, Knowles J, Diniz FM, Brenneman R, and Maclean N. (2007) Remnants of ancient genetic diversity preserved within captive populations of scimitar horned oryx (Oryx dammah). Molecular Ecology 16, 2436-2449.

This article is featured in ‘News and views'

Iyengar A, Diniz FM, Gilbert T, Woodfine T, Knowles J, and Maclean N (2006) Structure and evolution of the mitochondrial control region in oryx. Molecular Pylogenetics and Evolution 40, 305-314.

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Society for Wildlife Forensic Science

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy





Current student research projects include a DNA-based dietary analysis of the hen harrier and the development of a STR multiplex for roe deer (Capreolus capreolus).

We recently (2016) developed a DNA based identification kit for the hen harrier which has the dubious distinction of being the UK’s most persecuted bird of prey. See:





2010, Annual British Deer Society conference, Edinburgh, UK.

2012, Society for Wildlife Forensic Science 1st triennial meeting, Wyoming, US