Dr. Andrew Churchill

Head of School

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Livesey , LH311

+44 (0) 1772 89 5037

Andrew is research active within the area of psychology and is a member of the Cognitive Research Group.

Full Profile

Andrew's PhD research was on the use of visual information in reaching and grasping, completed in 1999 at Lancaster. After a spell as a researcher at a stroke rehabilitation unit in Oxford he returned to academia at UCLan in 2001. Since joining the School, he has been expanding his research interests to other areas of psychology.



BSc (Hons) Psychology (Hertfordshire)
MSc Psychological Research Methods (Lancaster)
PhD Psychology (Lancaster)
Member: Higher Education Academy


Churchill, A., Vogt, S. & Hopkins, B. (1999). The Coordination of two-effector actions: Spoon-feeding and intermanual prehension. British Journal of Psychology, 90, 271-290.

Churchill A., Hopkins B., Ronnqvist L. & Vogt S. (2000). Vision of the hand and environmental context in human prehension. Experimental Brain Research, 134, 81-9.

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Coordination of action
Visual information in action
Object representation and action
Moral reasoning


Andrew is currently involved in several projects with colleagues in the School and elsewhere: Research on moral reasoning and responses to the trolley problem (Dr. Andy Morley, Dr. Lea Pilgrim, Dr. Sam Clark – Lancaster University), False feedback paradigm leading to superstitious behaviours in a motor task (Dr. Jamie Taylor).



Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

PS3407 Control, action & sport

PS3900 Project supervision