Dr. Seren Griffiths

Lecturer in Archaeology

School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

JB Firth, JBF111

Subject Areas: Archaeology

Seren is a prehistorian who specialises in the application of archaeological science techniques. She chiefly specialises in Mesolithic, Neolithic and early Bronze Age archaeology of Europe. She has interests in scientific dating, stable isotopes, environmental archaeology, three dimensional modelling and geophysics. She has active research interests in the practice of public archaeology and commercial archaeology, and she directs two landscape fieldwork projects in Anglesey and Northumberland. 

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

2015-16 Module Tutor for:
History of Archaeological Thought (FZ1206), Neolithic Bronze Age Early Britain and Ireland (FZ2204), Thinking About The Past (FZ2206), and archaeological dissertation projects at Foundation (FZC003) and Undergraduate level (FZ3202). I also ran an archaeological fieldschool which comprised teaching for modules (FZ2201 and FZ3201).

2016-17 Module Tutor for:
Thinking About The Past (FZ2206), Hunter Gatherers Past and Present (FZ2207), Cultural Anthropology In Theory (FZ2211), and archaeological dissertation products at Foundation (FZC003), Undergraduate (FZ3202), and Masters (FZ4003) level.

I also teach on FZC002; FZ1205; FZ1206; FZ2202; FZ4206; FZ4210.

  • MA Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Oxford (2003)
  • MSc Archaeological Science, University of Oxford (2004)
  • PhD Archaeology, Cardiff University (2007-11; awarded no corrections 2012)
  • CIFA
  • HEA

I run two fieldwork projects Bryn Celli Ddu public archaeology landscape project, and Five Years Digging a research project working on the earlier prehistory of Northumberland. More details can be found here



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