Dr Paul Freeman

Dr. Paul Freeman

Lecturer and course leader in Physics and astrophysics

School of Physical Sciences and Computing

Leighton Building, LE307

+44 (0) 1772 89 3302


Subject Areas: Physics and Astronomy

Lecturer in physics, and foundation year maths. Research interests include strongly correlated electron materials such as superconductors, and quantum magnets using techniques of neutron scattering, muon spin rotation spectroscopy and x-ray scattering. After undergraduate studies in Durham and obtaining my doctorate at Oxford, I worked as an instrument scientist and postdoctoral researcher in France (ILL, Grenoble), Germany (HZB, Berlin) and Switzerland (EPFL, Lausanne), before moving to UCLan.

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My main research interest is investigating strongly correlated electron systems, with a specific interest in high temperature superconductivity. In strongly correlated electron systems electronic interactions between many electrons occur leading to collective behaviour, often resulting in unexpected effects.  Superconductivity is one of the most dramatic examples of strong correlations, where the electrons pair up together and form a macroscopic phase across a material leading to zero electrical resistance when the material is sufficiently cooled.

Quantum magnetism is an extension of my research interests into strongly correlated electron systems. In quantum magnets collective quantum fluctuations are enhanced by means of geometric frustration, tuning interaction parameters to be equal by applying magnetic fields or pressure, etc., so that new emergent collective magnetic states can be realized. Often it is only by studying the magnetic excitations of these quantum phases that the underlying physics can be determined and fundamental knowledge of quantum interactions gained.

To undertake these research studies I use the complimentary techniques of neutron scattering, x-ray diffraction and ┬ÁSR (spin rotation) at central research facilities. In Europe in I regularly use the spallation neutron sources ISIS, Oxfordshire (UK), and SINQ at PSI in Switzerland, as well as the reactor based neutron sources the ILL, Grenoble (France), MLZ, Munich and HZB Berlin (both in Germany).

At present I perform my research with collaborations with groups around the world. In the UK I currently collaborate with researchers at the University of Oxford, Durham University and Cardiff University. While internationally I have on going collaborations with researchers based in Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, France, and India.


  • D.Phil. Physics, University of Oxford (2005)
  • M.Sci. Physics, Durham University (2001)


Nature Communications 7, 11632 

Physical Review B 93, 140406, 140406 

Physical Review Letters 116, 097205

Nature Journal

RESEARCH Activities

Neutron scattering, muon spin rotation spectroscopy, and x-ray scattering


Charge-stripe order, superconductivity, and quantum magnetism

TEACHING activities and responsibilities

AP1841 Introduction to Mechanics, Foundation year Maths modules, Admissions Tutor