Dr. Donna M Daly

Lecturer in Physiology and Pharmacology

School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Maudland Building, MB024

+44 (0) 1772 89 6480


Subject Areas: School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Donna Daly is a neurophysiologist and pharmacologist. Her research aims to understand how the sensory nerves innervating the urinary bladder detect normal bladder filling and how these signals are altered in diseases such as overactive bladder syndrome (OAB) and bladder pain syndrome (BPS). Her previous work has investigated the role of TRP channels and neurotransmitters such as ATP and NO in bladder sensation and her current research is now focussed on the effect on natural ageing on bladder function.

Donna is a member of the British physiological society since 2011 and International continence society.

Full Profile

Donna completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2007 under the supervision of Professor David Grundy, Professor Chess-Williams and Professor Christopher Chapple where she developed and validated an in vitro model for studying bladder sensory nerves. Following this she did a post-doc at Queens University, Canada with Dr Michael Beyak looking at the effects of long term diet-induced obesity on gut sensitivity. In 2010 Donna was awarded a 12 month European fellowship to study the role of proteases in colonic inflammation after which she continued her previous work on the lower urinary tract. She has since conducted a number of studies looking at the effect botulinum toxin on bladder function and the impact of ageing on the sensitivity of bladder nerves. She is also currently working with some mathematical modellers to try and build a physiologically relevant model of bladder filling. In 2012 Donna was awarded the ICS Ferring-Water prize for new investigators for her work on the ageing bladder, in 2013 she was awarded the ICS best scientific abstract prize for her work on urothelial cells and in 2015 she was awarded the john Blandy Prize for best scientific paper 2015 (awarded by British Journal of Urology International).


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Impact Factor 3.58

2. Nocchi L, Daly DM, Chapple C and Grundy D. Age related oxidative stress causes functional alterations in the mouse bladder by a TRPM8 mediated mechanism Ageing cell Mar 5, 2014

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