Dr. Dominik Vajn

Dr. Dominik Vajn

Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics

School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies

Harrington Building, HA141

+44 (0) 1772 89 3040


Subject Areas: English and Linguistics

Dominik is a Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics. His research interests include forensic and sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, particularly the notions of individual style, authorship identification and social construction of discourse reality. Currently, Dominik teaches modules LG3113 Forensic Linguistics, LG3112 Power in Talk, LG1105 Language Gender and Identity, LG2118 Language and Literature and LG1104 Analysing texts. 

Full Profile

Dominik graduated in English Language & Literature, and History from J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia (2008). He also completed a Master’s degree by research (MPhil) in Corpus Linguistics (2009), as well as a PhD in Applied Linguistics (2015) at the University of Birmingham.

Dominik’s research interests lie in applying linguistics to practical issues, namely: authorship and copyright, plagiarism, forensic linguistics, analysing social influences of mass media, English for academic purposes and specialised language use. His research focuses on the issues of authorship of translations, problems with detecting plagiarism in translation. He is particularly interested in the empirical study of intertextuality and its implications on the concepts of authorship and collaborative construction of meaning in discourse. Dominik is also interested in the application of corpus linguistics and discourse analysis to study collaborative construction of meaning in discourse.



Vajn D. (forthcoming) ‘The diachronic analysis of meaning negotiation using topic hotspots’

Vajn D. (forthcoming) ‘The style and authorship of literary translations’

Hunston, S., Thompson, P., Murakami, A., & Vajn, D. (forthcoming) ‘Multi-dimensional analysis and academic research discourse’