Clare Copley

Lecturer in Modern European History

School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies

Livesey House 319

Subject Areas: History

Clare gained her PhD from the University of Manchester. Prior to joining the Department of History at UCLan she worked at the Universities of Sheffield, Bristol and Birkbeck College, University of London. Her teaching and research interests focus on the social and cultural history of modern Europe, particularly C20th Germany.

Full Profile

In her current research Clare uses post-unification responses to the built legacies of National Socialism and the Cold War to explore contested memory and governmentality in Germany. In particular, she is interested in memorialisation and the development of the memorial landscape, attempts to 're-encode' historically 'burdened' buildings and the interplay between power, memory politics and the built environment.

Clare is currently working on her first book, Responding to ‘The Word in Stone': National Socialist Architecture in the Democratic Berlin in which she looks at how the united, democratic Germany attempts to deal with Nazi and Cold War buildings, memorials and statues, the debates, contests and controversies that this sparks and what all this tells us about power and memory politics in the Berlin Republic.

Clare was awarded the Dyos Prize for Urban History (2016) and the German History Society / Royal Historical Society Postgraduate Essay Prize (2015). She has given talks at the Humboldt University, Berlin and the Centre for Urban History, Leicester.


  • German History Society
  • Women in German Studies
  • European Association for Urban History

Teaching activities and responsibilities

Module Leader:

  • HY2006 Europe in an Age of Atrocity 1914 – 2000
  • HY1117 State and Society: Europe c. 1815 – 1914
  • HY3005 Germany under the Nazis


COPLEY, C. (2016). Curating Tempelhof: Negotiating the multiple histories of Berlin's ‘symbol of freedom’. Urban History, Forthcoming, available via First View