Dr. Carole Hunt

Lecturer Critical and Contextual Studies (Textiles and Fashion)

School of Art, Design and Fashion

Victoria Building, VB323

+44 (0) 1772 89 5184


Subject Areas: Art, Design, Fashion, Health, History, Philosophy, Psychology

Primary research interests focuses on the social and psychological aspects of clothing, in particular, a garments’ capacity to become a carrier of memory.  More recently her research activities have been extended to investigate appearance related issues, body image and media literacy within fashion design education.

Full Profile

Carole Hunt gained her Ph.D. from the University of Leeds in 2012. Her research examines the capacity of textiles to retain and communicate memory, both privately and publicly. Questions centre on the value of textiles in our lives, on the role of textiles in the process of recollection, as well as the extent to which textiles can stimulate remembering.  An interdisciplinary approach is adopted combining the study of memory with philosophy, literature, history, material culture and visual studies. For example, the role of fiction in our cultural makeup, is explored as a tool to gain insight into the role of textiles and clothing in memory. Metaphor is also explored as an analytic tool for reflection on creative practice concerning textile media and to examine perspectives of cloth and clothing in everyday circumstances. For example, the ‘miniature’ and the ‘gigantic’, function as a means of understanding private or public interpretation and representation.  Her current research involves the social and psychological aspects of worn clothing in relation to bereavement.  More recently her research has been extended to investigate appearance related issues, body image and media literacy within fashion design education.

Up until recently Carole was co-owner of the Lancashire and Cumbria based Vintage Styling Company: Itsy Bitsy Vintage. http://itsybitsyvintage.blogspot.co.uk/   She continues to work for the company as an Associate Stylist.  


  • Ph.D. Philosophy, Art Theory & Material Culture, University of Leeds, 2012
  • PGCE. University of Central Lancashire, 2006
  • MA.  Art History & Theory, University of Central Lancashire, 1999
  • BA (Hons). Textiles and Fashion, Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, 1986

Teaching activities and responsibilities 

  • Module Leader:  Critical and Contextual Studies in Textiles and Fashion.
  • Research Degree Tutor: School of Art Design & Fashion.
  • Member of the school’s research committee 


Royal College of Surgeons London (2016), Appearance Matters 7.  Presentation Title: A Female Perspective: Experiences of Fashion, Clothing, Textiles and Design.

University of Brighton (2015), Textual Fashion: Representing Fashion and Clothing through Word and Image.  Paper Title: Re-Tracing the Archive: Worn Clothes and Textiles as Archives of Memory 



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