Dr. Alexander Montasem

Senior Lecturer in Behavioural and Social Sciences, Theme Lead for Evidence Informed Practice of Medicine (EIPOM)

School of Medicine

Harrington Building, HA106

+44 (0) 1772 89 4013


Subject Areas: Psychology, Sociology, Public Health, Dentistry

Dr Alexander Montasem is a chartered psychologist and senior lecturer in behavioural and social sciences. After earning his PhD from the School of Medicine at the University of Liverpool, he moved on to complete his postdoctoral training in the social and health psychology lab at the University of Hong Kong. More recently, he held senior teaching and research roles at the University of Liverpool, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, and Harvard University. His main research is focused around occupational health and behavioural medicine topics.

Full Profile

Dr Montasem is a chartered psychologist, trained health promotion practitioner, senior lecturer in behavioural/social sciences, and theme lead for evidence informed practice in medicine (EIPOM) at the Medical School at UCLan. He has previously held positions at medical and psychology faculties in Germany, Hong Kong, and the United States.

His research interests are wide ranging and include personality (e.g., emotional intelligence, traits) and motivational theories (e.g., self-determination theory) as applied to health (e.g., behaviour change, well-being), and work (job satisfaction, performance) outcomes. A recent example of his work includes a multinational study that explains differences in well-being across 33 countries. Previous work is also published in established psychology and medical journals such as the Journal of Personality and Community Dentistry & Oral Epidemiology and at international conferences and organisations such as the WHO, the British Psychology Society, and Massachusetts Dental Society.

He has an interdisciplinary teaching background, having taught courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional levels in areas such as work and organisational studies, health psychology, environmental psychology, behavioural medicine, social problem solving and decision making, and clinical leadership. For example, in his previous role as teaching faculty and leadership fellow at Harvard Medical School, he was responsible for managing and delivering all aspects of the Leadership Studies Program in dentistry. During this time, he took the lead on developing and delivering classes to 3rd year, postdoctoral clinical students and practitioners on topics such as communication at work, clinical leadership, teamwork, mindfulness, stress management and work well-being.

As a senior lecturer and theme lead at UCLan’s Medical School, Dr Montasem works predominately on modules related to the MBBS programme. As such, he is involved in teaching and designing of modules across the EIPOM curriculum.


PgCert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, University of Hong Kong, 2013
PhD in Applied Psychology, University of Liverpool, 2011
Prof Cert in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Association of German Professional Psychologist, 2007
Prof Cert in Health Psychology, Association of German Professional Psychologist, 2007
Prof Cert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), WHO Collaborating Centre, Beijing, 2004
MSc Psychology, University of Essex, 2003
MSc Social Sciences, University of Southampton, 2001
BSc Sociology, Goethe University Frankfurt, 1999

Membership of professional and learned bodies

British Psychology Society, Chartered Member (CPsychol)

Research Activities

Dr Montasem’s research interests are in the areas of health professionals’ well-being (stress, recovery, burnout, job engagement, performance), patient safety, clinical leadership, and medical education (non-technical skills, medical and dental students’ well-being).

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Theme Lead for Evidence Informed Practice in Medicine (EIPOM)
Module Leader on EIPOM related topics including psychology and sociology

External Affiliations and Roles

Honorary Lecturer at the Institute of Psychology, Health, and Society, University of Liverpool


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Montasem, A., Brown, S.L., and Harris, R.V. (2014). Subjective well-being in dentists: The role of intrinsic aspirations. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, 42, 279-288

Montasem, A., Brown, S.L., and Harris, R.V. (2013). Do core self-evaluations and trait emotional intelligence predict subjective well-being in dental students? Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 43, 1097-1103.

Harris, R.V., Dancer, J.M., and Montasem, A. (2011). The impact of changes in incentives and governance on the motivation of dental practitioners. International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 26, 70-88.

Hagger, M.S., & Montasem, A. (2009). Implementation intention to drink a carbohydrate–electrolyte solution during exercise. Journal of Sport Sciences, 27, 963-74.