Dawn Eccleston

Senior Lecturer

School of Community Health and Midwifery

Brook Building, BB214

+44 (0) 1772 89 3770


Dawn is a senior lecturer and course leader MSC Safeguarding in an International Context. Her main interest is in the area of human trafficking.

She is module leader for:

  • NU4069 Trafficking of People (on-line)
  • NU3244 Trafficking of People (on-line)
  • NU3720 Safeguarding
  • NU4220Safeguarding
  • NU3210 Safeguarding
  • NU4210 Safeguarding
  • Trafficking Workshops


Full Profile

Dawn is a Registered Nurse, Health Visitor and Registered Nurse Teacher. She has a BSc from Curtin University, Australia (1997) and an MA in the' Safeguarding and Welfare of Children' from the University of Huddersfield (2004). She has a PGCert. Ed and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is a registered nurse teacher and nurse prescriber.

Having qualified as a Health Visitor, Dawn worked in Lancashire before emigrating to Perth, Australia, where she worked as Community Children’s Nurse/Health visitor for 6 years. She then worked back in the UK as a health Visitor, before joining UCLan in 2004, as a senior lecturer. She volunteers as a Street Pastor in Preston and supports the work of Hope For Justice (human trafficking charity). She also sits on the Pan-Lancashire Trafficking Forum.

Her particular interest is safeguarding, particularly in the area of human trafficking. She is currently undertaking a PhD in human trafficking. She has authored a chapter on multi-professional aspects of prescribing in 'The Text Book of Non-Medical Prescribing' (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011) She has had papers on the subject of human trafficking published in the Health Visitor Journal and the Community Practitioner Journal.



MA (Safeguarding and Welfare of Children); BSc (Nursing); PGCert. Ed.; RHV; RN; RNT; NP.


Eccleston, D, E. (2015) Multi-Disciplinary Aspects of Prescribing (Chapter 6) in: Nuttall, D. & Rutt-Howard, J. (Eds) (2015) The Textbook of Non-Medical Prescribing. Chichester. Wiley Blackwell

Eccleston, D, E. (2014) The Health Visitor’s Role in Identifying and Responding to Child Trafficking. Journal of health Visiting Vol2: Iss.6: 318-324

Eccleston, D,E. (2013) Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking: Community Practitioner 2013:May: 86(5) 40-42



Human Trafficking



NMC Registered

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Community Practitioners and Health Visitor Association

External Roles

Pan-Lancashire Human Trafficking Forum


Human Trafficking: a study of vulnerability and the use of JuJu as a control method



MSc Safeguarding in an International Context


  • NU3220: Safeguarding
  • NU4220: Safeguarding
  • NU3210: Safeguarding
  • NU4210: Safeguarding
  • NU4075: Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults in an International Context
  • NU3114/4114: Healthy Child, Healthy Adult: Safeguarding Health Development
  • NU3023/4023: V300 - Non-Medical Prescribing,
  • NU4069 and NU3244: Trafficking of People
  • NU4053/3593: Dissertation
  • NU3630: Introduction to Concepts of Community Practice
  • NU3128: Return to Practice