Cristina Fodarella

Graduate Teaching Assistant/PhD student

School of Psychology

Subject Areas: Psychology

Cristina Fodarella has joined the School of Psychology as a Graduate Teaching Assistant as well as a PhD student in February 2016.

Full Profile

Cristina has completed both her BSc (Hons) Psychology and MSc Forensic Psychology at UCLan. During and following her degrees, she has worked as a voluntary as well as paid research assistant on various research projects for UCLan, the University of Lancaster, the University of Liverpool and the University of Winchester. Since February 2016, she is working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at UCLan alongside her PhD.


MSc Forensic Psychology, University of Lancashire, 2014
BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Lancashire, 2013

Research Activities

Cristina’s PhD focuses on facial composites which are facial likenesses constructed from an eyewitness's memory. Her aim is to improve composite effectiveness and thereby increase perpetrator identification rates.

She has also worked in other research areas including memory and the use of memory cues, mimicry, loneliness, depression, alcohol-related aggression and alcohol script formation through environmental and social influences.

Teaching activities and responsibilities

Cristina contributes to the teaching and marking in a number of Psychology modules, such as:

  • PS1010 Methods and practice of psychological inquiry
  • PS1020 Introduction to Developmental and Social Psychology
  • PS1040 Current topics in Psychology I
  • PS1045 Current topics in Psychology II
  • PS2010 Psychological Research Methods 1: Design and Quantitative Analysis
  • PS2030 Cognitive and Physiological Psychology
  • PS2350 Health Psychology
  • PS2710 Research Methods
  • PS2900 Sport Psychology
  • PS4700 Advanced Methods in Psychology


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