Clare Cook

Clare Cook

Senior Lecturer in Print and Online Journalism

School of Journalism, Media and Performance

Greenbank Building, GR244

+44 (0) 1772 89 4737

Subject Areas: Journalism

Clare is research active within the area of journalism, media theory and practice. She is a member of the Media Innovation Studio and the Journalism research group.


Full Profile

Clare is an award-winning journalist and experienced researcher who has published in international media and business journals. Her expertise focuses primarily on media sustainability, especially through the lens of revenue models. Her recent research into hyperlocal and politically pressured media revenue models has been used as evidence by the Department of Culture Media & Sport and the Department for International Development. Her work on viability, sustainability and resilience co-authored within Sustainable Business Models on the Net and Nesta's Mapping the Road to Sustainability and Resilience are noted for their high level of instrumental impact with media practitioners. Her focus is primarily on putting knowledge into practice.

As an award-winning journalist and book author, she delivers and course leads programmes in social and digital storytelling as well as journalism business models to media managers and students from across the European digital media sectors. Her work pushes the boundaries of innovation with field trials and prototyping as well as action research labs. She is on the steering committee for an ICT4D Northern research group.

Clare's portfolio of consultancy includes work with Google DNI, FOJO Media Institute, Sciencescom Audencia and Wan-Ifra's Sustaining Media and Society programme. Her research funding has also come from Research Council UK. She will continue her work through projects seeking to push the resilience of niche media globally. Her work is regularly disseminated via conference papers, talks, panel presentations, exhibitions, interactive reports, books and journal articles. Her work is the impact case study for UoA34.


Cook, Clare Elizabeth (2015) Fragile Finance: The revenue model of oppositional news outlets in repressive regimes. International Communication Gazette

Cook, Clare Elizabeth (2015) Collaborative Revenue Capture for Exiled Media 

Cook, Clare Elizabeth (2014) Open Media Innovation

Cook, Clare Elizabeth and Sirkunnen, Esa (2014) What's in a niche? Exploring the business model of online journalism. Journal of Media Business Studies Volume 10 Number 4

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Clare leads the MA Journalism at the UK’s oldest journalism school here at UCLan. She also teaches internationally on media business models and journalism entrepreneurship.

She is co-author of two books: Social Media for Journalists Principles and Practice (Sage) and Chasing Sustainability on the Net (COMET).

She has been external examiner for the Google Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund stimulating innovation across the European news ecosystem.

Taking a pragmatic, academic-consultancy approach, her research focusses on the revenue models of niche media. 

She emerges original learnings from one media system and applies them to others seeking to stimulate media sustainability and deliver real-world impact to the lived revenue experiences of niche media globally.

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Clare is course leader for the MA Journalism and module leader across undergraduate journalism programmes.