Brian J Morrison


School of Art, Design and Fashion

Media Factory, ME330

+44 (0) 1772 89 4738

Subject Areas: Photography

Brian J Morrison is a Lecturer in Photography at UCLan and an exhibiting artist based out of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Brian delivers modules across year two and three, with a focus on contemporary photographic practice. With an establish artistic practice, Brian uses first hand knowledge of current photographic themes to equip students with an extensive knowledge based on contemporary photographic practice.

Brian is research active in the Photography Research Group.

Full Profile

Brian J Morrison is an artist who works primarily with photography. He has exhibited and seen his work published across the U.K and Ireland. Brian research and practice navigates stereotypically male dominated social collectives, in an attempt to explore photography’s relationship with the construction of currently accepted normative masculine values. Brian is also a cinematographer for Source Photographic Review and has produced 16 documentary shorts, exploring the photographic archive, the notion of ‘conceptual photography’ and photography’s relationship with literature.


A Man’s Guide to small bore Rifle Shooting (self-published).

Blackpool: The people’s playground.



  • Exquisite Corpse, Household Belfast at CQAF
  • Ripped Chiseled and Rock Hard, Platform Arts, Belfast
  • A shadow is cast by light, Household Festival, Belfast


  • WE, Catalyst Arts Gallery


  • Will We Be There? Group Project, Belfast Exposed Gallery
  • Monsters of Ulster, Factoum, Belfast Exposed Gallery
  • Experimental, Members Show, Catalyst Arts Gallery


  • Photography Showcase, Palatine Campus Gallery, Blackpool
  • Photography Showcase, Bispham Campus Gallery, Blackpool
  • There is no Blood, Supercollider Gallery, Blackpool
  • Be, Graduation Show, Cube, Manchester
  • Eighteen Percent Grey, Graduation Show, AAA, London
  • New Designers, annual showcase, Design Centre, London
  • 0.1 CTR Group Show, Continental, Preston

Craft (self-published)

  • Source Photographic Review, Issue 63
  • Will We Be There? Exhibition Catalogue
  • The Vacuum, What If issue


  • Artists Talk, Belfast Exposed
  • Archive discussion group, Belfast Exposed (chaired)
  • Photography discussion group, Empress Gallery
  • Artist Talk, Catalyst Arts Gallery
  • Politics of Representation Talk, Belfast Exposed Gallery
  • Prime Peer Review Talk, PS2, Gallery Belfast
  • Photobook Club Talk, Belfast Exposed Gallery
  • Artist Talk, Household Belfast at CQAF
  • Artist Talk, Platform Arts, Belfast


  • SIAP General Arts Fund 2011