Bob Milward

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise

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Bob Milward is a senior lecturer in economics at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England where he specialises in the study of Marxian political economy and economic history, with particular reference to economic development, the role of the public sector and social policy. He was educated at Ruskin College, Oxford and Jesus College, Cambridge, following a period of nine years as a coal-face worker with British Coal at Florence Colliery, Stoke-on-Trent which included the great strike of 1984/85.


Milward. B. (2004). Marxian Political Economy: History, Theory and Contemporary Relevance [Chinese edition]. Yunnan University Press, Kunming.


Milward, B. (2007). ‘On the historical, moral and economic arguments for asymmetric trading regimes: the case of sub-Saharan Africa’, Association for Social Economics, World Congress, Amsterdam.

Milward, B. (2000). ‘On the consequences for labour in the era of globalisation; A Marxian perspective’, International Political Science Association, World Congress, Quebec City.

Milward, B and P. Baker. (1994). ’Keynes, Kalecki and the crisis of the welfare state’, International Political Science Association, World Congress, Berlin.


Programme Leader:
MA International Business Economics
MSc International Business & Management

Module Leader:
Introduction To Applied Economics
Social Economics
European Economic Development
Business Economics
The Economics Of The Public Sector
Economic Aspects Of Trade, Aid & Development
Postgraduate Research Methods
The Economics Of International Trade
International Political Economy

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