Alison Gibbon

Clinical Trials Assistant

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Brook Building, BB412

+44 (0) 1772 89 5543

Alison carries out a range of administrative tasks to support a variety of trials within the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit.

Full Profile

Alison joined the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) on a 0.5 basis in October 2015, before becoming a full time Clinical Trials Clerical Assistant in February 2018, providing full administrative support to the trials unit. Alison became a Trials Assistant in November 2018 and is currently providing administrative support to a range of studies, including CONVINCE, STROLLERS, COMMITS, IMPROVISE and ICONS II. Responsibilities include servicing meetings, study site-set up, arranging Site Initiation Visits and travel, along with answering administrative queries.

Alison also has responsibilities using the IRAS system in relation to the ethics of research projects, including submitting Minor amendments, Substantial amendments and completing SSI forms.




ICONS II: Identifying Continence Options after Stroke randomised controlled trial

IMPROVISE: NIHR Global Health Research Group on Improving Stroke Research in India

STROLLERS: STRoke, Life and LeisurE Research Survey

COMMITS: Confirming the Mechanism of Motivational Interviewing Therapy after Stroke

CONVINCE: Colchicine for prevention of Vascular Inflammation in Non-CardioEmbolic stroke


HeadPoST: Head Position in Stroke Trial
ADOPTS: Improving Access to Psychological Services