Dr. Adrian O’Hara

Lecturer in Physiology

School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Maudland Building, MB240

+44 (0) 1772 89 5816


Adrian joined UCLan in 2018 as a Lecturer in Physiology. Adrian is a molecular and cellular physiologist, and his research interests focus on the role of inflammation in obesity and the role adipokines play in health and disease. He also has interests in gastrointestinal physiology and gastric cancer.

Adrian is a member of the Physiological Society and the Biochemical Society.

Full Profile

Adrian’s initial degree was in Biochemistry, followed by an MSc in Molecular Life Sciences Research. After which he undertook a PhD in Obesity Biology at the University of Liverpool, supervised by Prof. Paul Trayhurn. Adrian’s thesis was titled “Crosstalk between Adipocytes, Pre-adipocytes and Macrophages in Adipose Tissue”, and focused on the inflammatory response observed between these cell types within adipose tissue.

Following on from his PhD, Adrian started a postdoctoral research position investigating the role of the proteasome subunit PSMB1 as a novel transcription factor involved in regulating transcription of gastrin responsive genes in a gastric cancer cell line. His second postdoctoral position involved examining the role of the non-canonical NFkB pathway in helicobacter-induced gastric carcinogenesis.

In 2017 Adrian took up a position as Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow a Liverpool Hope University, teaching on their Human Biology and Biological Sciences courses. Following this, he took up the position of Lecturer in Physiology at UCLan in 2018. His research interests build on his previous research experience, particularly focusing on inflammation in obesity.


  • PhD Obesity Biology, University of Liverpool, 2010
  • MSc Molecular Life Sciences Research, King’s College London, 2005
  • BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, University of Liverpool, 2004


Lloyd, Katie A, Moore, Andrew R, Parsons, Bryony N, O'hara, Adrian  , Boyce, Malcolm, Dockray, Graham J, Varro, Andrea and Pritchard, D.Mark (2016) Gastrin-induced miR-222 promotes gastric tumor development by suppressing p27kip1. Oncotarget, 7 (29). pp. 45462-45478.

Burkitt, MD, Williams, JM, Duckworth, CA, O'hara, A  ORCID: 0000-0003-1837-680X, Hanedi, A, Varro, A, Caamano, JH and Pritchard, DM (2013) Signaling mediated by the NF-κB sub-units NF-κB1, NF-κB2 and c-Rel differentially regulate Helicobacter felis-induced gastric carcinogenesis in C57BL/6 mice. Oncogene, 32 . pp. 5563-5573. ISSN 0950-9232.

O'hara, Adrian, Howarth, Alice, Varro, Andrea and Dimaline, Rod (2013) The Role of Proteasome Beta Subunits in Gastrin-Mediated Transcription of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-2 and Regenerating Protein1. PLoS One.

O'hara, Adrian, Lim, Fei-Ling, Mazzatti, Dawn J and Trayhurn, Paul (2009) Microarray analysis identifies matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) as key genes whose expression is up-regulated in human adipocytes by macrophage-conditioned medium. Pflügers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology, 458 (6). pp. 1103-1114. ISSN 0031-6768.

More Publications


Digestive Disease Week, Washington USA, (Poster Presentation “Polymorphisms in the RELB Gene Identify a Haplotype Associated with Reduced Risk of Pangastric Atrophy”), May 2015

Digestive Disease Week, Florida USA, (Poster Presentation “Proteasome Beta Subunits Interact with the PAI-2 and Reg1 Promoters and Are Required for Gastrin-Stimulated Transcription”), May 2013

Physiology, Edinburgh UK, (Poster Presentation “A role for proteasome subunits in cholecystokinin 2 receptor-mediated gene transcription”), July 2012

European Congress on Obesity, Amsterdam Holland, (Poster Presentation “Microarray Analysis Identifies Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) as Key Genes Whose Expression is Upregulated by Macrophage-conditioned Media in Human Adipocytes”), May 2009