University Exhibitions

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Choosing a university is a big deal. Right course, right place, right facilities, right career path, right fit for you…

There’s a lot to get right. Which is why it’s a brilliant idea to come along to a university exhibition this summer and check out as many universities as you can – including the University of Central Lancashire!

You’ll find a team from UCLan at the next round of university exhibitions ready to answer your questions and help you decide if the #TheUCLanExperience is right for you.

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Our top tips for getting the most out of a university exhibition

Prospective students

1. You need to register in advance for any of the university exhibitions you wish to attend via the following links: UCAS | UK Universities | What Career. Don’t forget to bring your ticket on the day, as you can scan it to receive extra information from your favourite universities.

2. Think ahead. Decide which universities you’d really like to talk to and draw up a list of questions in advance. Your questions shouldn’t just be academic – it’s just as important to find out about things like facilities and nightlife.

3. Download the prospectuses of the universities you particularly like the look of before you go, or request a copy in the post. You’ll be able to pick up copies at the exhibition – but they’re heavy!

Order a UCLan Prospectus

4. Don’t just gather leaflets – talk to people on the stands. It’s what they’re there for and it will make your decision-making process much easier.

5. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a strong bag. The exhibitions are huge and you can bet that the universities you want to see will be at different ends of the venue. You’ll be bombarded with free gifts and leaflets, so a sturdy bag is a must.

6. Food and drink at exhibitions can be expensive and the queues aren’t funny. Bring snacks…

As well as information on the universities themselves, university exhibitions are a great way to discover career paths and courses you might not have thought about, and get information on student finance, career planning, gap years and more.

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