Pre 16 Events

Our team work alongside you to encourage and raise the aspirations of your students with our range of events targeted at the pre-16 age group. Please see below for our events.

The University of Central Lancashire is proud to offer exciting subject specific, practical and aspiration raising sessions for your students which are linked to your Gatsby Benchmarks (3, 4 & 7).

UCLan in your classroom

What can UCLan offer my students this academic year related to the Gatsby Benchmarks?

We have developed several sessions based upon current undergraduate subjects that we offer here at UCLan to give your students a better understanding of what studying these subjects at university might be like, and hopefully inspire them to think about studying these subjects in the future.  

What years are these sessions suitable for?

The sessions are best suited to years 9, 10 and 11.

How long are the sessions and many students can we accommodate?

The sessions are designed to fit into your normal timetable and so can be adapted to fit into however long your lessons normally are. We normally deliver our sessions to standard class sizes of about 30 students.

How much do these sessions cost?

Our sessions are free for the school but we only have limited availability so be sure to book early.

How are the sessions delivered?

The sessions are delivered by trained UCLan outreach staff. It is sometimes possible to have the session delivered by UCLan academics specific to the subject but this cannot be guaranteed. We will sometimes bring our trained current Undergraduate Student Ambassadors to help us too.

How many sessions can we book during the day and/or year?

We are happy to run several different sessions throughout the day or year if required. Just contact us with your preferred times, dates and sessions and we can see what we can arrange. We may not be able to accommodate all requests.

How do I book?

To book please email with your preferred session(s), specific suggested date(s) and times and we will get back to you as soon as possible with our availability.

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What sessions can I choose for my students?

Degree Shows - Creative Futures 12 June 2020

As part of our commitment to raising the creative aspirations and highlighting the possibilities available to young people in the creative industries we are welcoming visits by school and college groups to the Degree Show. The achievement and talents of our final year students capture our passion to help grow art, architecture, fashion and design in the Northwest. Our annual show allows younger students a real opportunity to investigate and question the creative processes developed by our students through a choice of subject level workshops delivered by our in house team. Our sessions delivered across our creative hubs on campus are curated to challenge your students and to help them find new perspectives on their studies. This year our sessions will include workshops from fashion, design, architecture, photography and fine art and will help your students understand what happens in an Art School and what role does a creative graduate have in the workplace.



Practical building design session perfect for students with an interest in Creative Arts, Physics or Engineering​


Hands-on robotic engineering session perfect for students with an interest in Physics or Engineering

Fashion Design

Practical outfit design session perfect for students with an interest in Art, Design or Fashion

Games Design

Design a level in a game, perfect for students with an interest in Computer Games Development, Games DesignComputing, Art or Maths

Criminal Psychology

Investigate the use of EVOFit Software in solving crime, perfect for students with an interest in Psychology, Criminology or Law

Children, Schools & Family

Explore the media perception of young people, perfect for students with an interest in Health & Social Care, Sociology and Public Services


Your students will take measurements from an archaeological site, evaluate their results and then compare their findings with the Archaeological experts! Perfect for students with an interest in Archaeology, Anthropology or History