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Language & Global Studies Activities

The School of Language & Global Studies at the University of Central Lancashire has a dedicated team of lecturers to support you in schools and colleges in the North-West and beyond to enthuse your students to take up modern languages or deepen their subject knowledge in this area along with opportunities to develop cultural intelligence and intercultural communication skills.

We offer tailor made programmes of events or just single talks or events

Events and talks can be booked at any time during the school year, staff time permitting

Here are some of the talks we can offer:

  • Why study languages? A talk with staff and final year university students
  • Taster sessions in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish,  Russian or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Lectures about history, culture or society from different countries around the world
  • Career talks
  • Languages quiz, hands on Chinese calligraphy and other games
  • Exploring Intercultural Communication

Worldwise Skills Event for Schools

The Worldwise Learning Centre offers skills events to local and regional secondary schools, with the aim of increasing language and cultural awareness in young people, in a fun and interactive environment.

Students enjoy access to four exciting sessions in rotation – interpreting and translation, Rosetta Stone (the world-leading language learning software), the worldwise quiz (with prize winner!) and Chinese calligraphy. 

To keep students on their toes, at each of the stations they will receive the information they need to complete an ongoing quiz.  Each station has a question and their listening skills will be put to the test as they go round.   At each of the stations they will be given answers to the questions on their sheet

The events will take place in various settings across the University and students will get to experience what it is like to be in a lecture theatre, which for some students is a first. During the 30 minute break, we visit the Students Union which is the heart of our University, lots of exciting activities and events take place here and of course a much needed coffee, juice and biscuit break!

After the groups have completed the four stations, we get together for our Farewell and Prize Giving before we say goodbye and the winner of the Worldwise Quiz is announced. After a final wrap up going through the answers to the quiz, the students can ask any questions before they depart.

These sessions are informal and designed to promote the benefits of language learning.  Here we have a small presentation that can be shown to students prior to visiting UCLan, which can be used to help promote the day. Please note, there might be some variation to the structure of the Worldwise Skills Events. 

Each group is small enough for every pupil to have a go in an interpreting booth and get hands on real life experience of what it is like to be an interpreter in the real world.  Using the latest Brähler interpretation equipment, the pupils will be given a short audio recording to listen to in the language they are studying and provide an interpretation of what has just been said and continue interpreting until the recording has finished.

The teacher who is a practising interpreter and translator will explain about the role of an Interpreter and Translator and promote the benefits of language learning through exciting job opportunities available in this industry. 

Rosetta Stone

Online language learning is an alternative way of learning a new language than a traditional classroom setting.  Computers and headphones are used during this session. With 28 languages available, Rosetta Stone offers pupils a chance to try a new language they haven’t tried before.  They will be impressed with how quickly they learn the basics of a new language using the latest software. 

Chinese Calligraphy

Often a favourite, the Chinese calligraphy session is very hands on.  We work with our Confucius Institute to deliver this session.  Pupils will learn how to write their name in Chinese using a traditional calligraphy brush, learn some basic Chinese greetings and count to 10.  Native Chinese speakers mostly deliver this session. 

Worldwise Interactive Quiz

Using the latest IML software, the pupils are put to the test with some interesting ‘worldwise’ questions.  This is a fun session and can become quite competitive, as there can only be one overall winner for the whole group!

  • Who it is for: School pupils Years 8-12 (maximum 40 per event)
  • Timings:9:30-13:00. Duration: 3 ½ hours including 30 minute break for refreshments
  • Venue: Worldwise Learning Centre, 1st Floor, Adelphi Building, School of Language and Global Studies, University of Central Lancashire, PR1 2HE
  • Fees: £5.00 per pupil
Time Activity Stations Location

Welcome and Introduction from the Worldwise Team

Pupils will be split into four groups and will rotate around simultaneously run activities at the following four ‘event stations’. They will also be given a brief questionnaire related to the event activities. A 30 minute mid-morning break with refreshments will be included in the event.  

International Conference Suite

35 mins

Station 1

Interpreting Skills - using the booths for simultaneous interpreting practice with a professional interpreter

International Conference Suite

35 mins

Station 2

Rosetta Stone - an opportunity to try out a world-leading language learning software in 18 languages

International Communication Room
11:00-11:30 30 Minute Break The Atrium, Students' Union

35 mins

Station 3

Chinese Calligraphy - learning about the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy and writing characters with traditional brushes and inks

Worldwise Open Area
35 Mins

Station 4

Interactive Worldwise Quiz (with IML handsets) - how much do you know about world languages and cultures? The winner receives a prize!

Worldwise Conference Area
12:40-13:00 Close – Checking the answers to the event questionnaire and providing feedback. Quiz prize winners announced. International Conference Suite




We have received some very positive feedback from past schools that have visited us and we are proud to be able to deliver these sessions to encourage language learning as an option at secondary school and to support pupils that want to continue language learning further.

“A big thank you from myself and the 6th Form team for the support you gave to our Futures Day event last week.  The students were very enthusiastic about your session and really appreciate the time you gave to them. I do hope you may consider visiting us again in the future. Many thanks again.

Mrs J Littler
Sixth Form Student Services, Lymm High School


Thanks for coming today with Holly. Our pupils really enjoyed the session and I am sure it opened a few eyes and made them think! Please pass on our thanks once again to Holly who did an excellent job. We will be coming to the Worldwise event at UCLan in May which was thoroughly enjoyed by our year 9s last year. With best wishes and thanks,

Janet Dyson-Knight
Longridge High School


Local schools celebrate language and culture at UCLan

More than 150 pupils from nine schools across Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester gathered at the University for the annual European Day of Languages event.  They met international students from around the globe, learned about opportunities to study abroad and took part in taster sessions in language such as Arabic, Japanese and German.

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