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Welcome to Chemistry at UCLan


UCLan Chemistry brings together world-class facilities, high-level infrastructure, fundamental as well as innovative teaching, and high-quality research to shape-up truly encouraging academic atmosphere. Our highly-skilled academic faculty, provision of hands-on experience, acquaintance to the research at early stages of the curriculum and frontier programs in education and research uniquely welcome all interested students, academicians, industries and collaborative partners on board!


Chemistry Courses

UCLan Chemistry is a home for basic and featured degrees in Chemistry. The educational programs do not only offer Bachelors (BSc, MChem) and Masters (MSc, MRes) degrees but also provide trainings at foundation and PhD levels.

Taught Degree Programs

Applied Science (Foundation Entry)
Chemistry, MChem
Chemistry, BSc (Hons)
Instrumental Analysis, MSc
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, MSc

Research Degree Programs

MRes Chemistry
PhD in Chemistry



Our research encompasses fundamental as well as applied research themes with highly inter-disciplinary areas including material science, nuclear and environmental chemistry, organic and medicinal chemistry, inorganic and organometallic chemistry, electrochemistry, fire chemistry and chemical biology. We have recently expanded our purpose-built laboratories boasting a well-equipped analytical instrumentation suite. In addition to an extensive range of spectroscopic, chromatographic, microscopic, morphological, surface and thermal analysis techniques. Our research staff are engaged in a number of collaborative research programmes at national and international level. UCLan Chemistry also enjoys a number of partnerships with industrial units; the Lancashire Forensic Science Academy being one of them.


The J B Firth Building is an interdisciplinary space designed to cross traditional subject boundaries. The building opened in 2011 represents an £11.5M investment for the delivery of teaching and research. There are 3 flexible use laboratories for general use representing 721.5 m2 with 26 fume hoods fully equipped for wet chemistry and standard chemical analysis with a team of dedicated technical staff. The J B Firth building also houses and extensively stocked open access analytical suite of 336 m2 for full sample characterisation.


Technical staff

Natalie Barlow 
Peter Bentley
Patric Daniel Cookson
Tamar Garcia-Sorribes
Bethany Grooby
John Lockley
Sameera Mahroof
Teresa Oughton