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National Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine

Patients deserve the best care regardless of their location. Here at the National Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine (NCRRM), we provide education and training to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide gold standard care in remote and rural locations locally, nationally and internationally.

We are always looking for new ways to deliver medical education alongside traditional pathways. We operate on the firm belief that medics and allied healthcare professionals should be able to attain skills and qualifications to ensure they feel confident and secure when looking after their patients’ needs, wherever they are in the world. Every contact with a patient should always enhance the outcome.

Our location

Located in West Cumbria, the Centre provides students with a unique set of opportunities, exposing them to the challenges of remote and rural medicine.


Digital Health Institute

Our Digital Health Institute aims to bring the best of what is going on locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to remote and rural healthcare systems. This includes developments in areas such as telehealth, telecare, remote monitoring, big data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things.

In order to harness the power of this technology, the Digital Health Institute services as a hub, connecting people, supporting initiatives and developing networks of interest. It provides a test bed site for new innovative ways of delivering healthcare and supporting healthy living. It also provides a bridge between leading edge research and the practical application of technology. Through the links we are building to sources of ideas and expertise globally, we assist health providers in rural settings in having access to knowledge and best-practice. This benefits healthcare providers and patients in remote and rural areas.

We also recognise that implementing technology is as much a social and cultural issue as it is a technical one. As such, we work with partners to help develop the leadership awareness, capacity and capability across all layers of the healthcare system. Thus, we aim to help the healthcare system raise the digital skills of its existing and potential employees to create a digital health ready workforce that is equipped to work in the digitally literate healthcare organisations of the 21st Century.

Our team


National Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine
UCLan Westlakes Campus
Samuel Lindow Building
Westlakes Science and Technology Park
Moor Row, Cumbria, CA24 3J

Tel: +44 (0)1946 517200

NCRRM Manager: Valerie Smart,, 01945517230