School of Medicine Event Forms - Wellbeing and Safety

Please tell us about any wellbeing concerns you may have about a student of the School of Medicine. Please also tell us about any safety concerns, including patient safety concerns, you may have encountered while involved with the School of Medicine.

Please note: All Event Forms go to one of the Designated Officers (DOs) of the School of Medicine for review and triage and further action.
Students, please see Blackboard for more information.

Please note: This Event Form can be completed by students and staff/educators.
The information you provide will inform our actions around our School of Medicine Event Form Reporting system. Usually, in Wellbeing Concerns, the completed form will be forwarded by email to the Pastoral Tutors/PWS Tutors, who are part of the Wellbeing Team of the School. They will contact the person this form is about. The UCLan Wellbeing Team might also get informed.

You can tick the ‘Confidential’ box to raise our awareness of the sensitive nature of the concern.

To protect patient safety, information might also have to be shared with NHS organisations, this will follow data sharing principles. Anyone we share information with is under the obligation to process such information securely and in accordance with the current data protection legislation.