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School of Medicine Event Forms - Professionalism Lapse

If you have any concerns about a School of Medicine student’s professionalism, please use this Event Form to raise a Professionalism Lapse.

Please note: All Event Forms go to one of the Designated Officers (DOs) of the School of Medicine for review, triage and further action. Students, please see Blackboard for more information.

The system is set up that Lapses in Professionalism are learning opportunities for students. They are always required to write a reflection and decide on action plans. Depending on the level and nature they are also required to meet relevant staff. Any further actions depend on the nature, recurrence and severity of the lapses. The information you provide is important to inform our actions to the School’s Event Form processes.

This Event Form should only be completed by staff and educators. If a student has a concern, please approach one of the Professionalism Leads or Academic Advisors.

Please complete one Event Form per student. Please give as many details as you can and complete as if addressing the student directly, making it as constructive as possible.

You can tick the ‘Confidential’ box to raise our awareness of the sensitive nature of the concern. Normally we forward your form verbatim to the person by email the Lapse is about, occasionally it might be sent in a paraphrased format. If you would like to amend your form after sending it or withdraw altogether, please email us to discuss. If you wish for us to send you more information around our Event Form system, please email us.

The information from this event form will be kept by the School of Medicine according to UCLan’s Retention Schedules, GMC Requirements and in accordance with the current data protection legislation.

For medical students transferring to the UK Foundation Programme, the records are also kept until they have completed the first year of the NHS Foundation Programme, whichever is the longer.

We potentially are required to share information with relevant regulatory bodies; there are Transfer of Information agreements in place. Examples for this are NHS Foundation Schools and the GMC (General Medical Council).

Anyone we share information with is under the obligation to process such information securely and in accordance with the current data protection legislation.