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Explore the professional world of sign language and spoken interpreters.  Discover the similarities and differences facing interpreters

Learn via a series of online learning activities. Opportunity to listen and interact with leading experts and researchers

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Hosted by Robert G. Lee and Kirsty Heimerl-Moggan

Title Detail Duration Release Date

Jumping into Interpreting

Topical discussion with hosts and invited guests

1 Hour

Coming soon

Stress and Wellbeing for Interpreters

Topical discussion with hosts and invited guests

1 Hour

Coming soon

Technology in Interpreting

Topical discussion with hosts and invited guests

1 Hour

Coming soon

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar.  This provides a learner with the opportunity to view from a remote access point. For example, from the comfort of your own home, during lunch at work or maybe while travelling on public transport.

After purchase from UCLan Online Store, you can access a webinar from the Online Learning Gallery.

I have a question for the host?

Signed and Spoken Interpreting welcome your questions, comments and feedback.

There will be opportunity to pose questions to the host via feedback at the end of each online learning activity.  These questions will be collated and the hosts will try their best to answer as many as possible during the ‘Behind the Scenes of Signed and Spoken Interpreting’ edition.

What is the Online Learning Gallery?

The Online Learning Gallery is the host location for your online learning activity.  You will find the Gallery here and will receive username and password details via e-mail once you have purchased your online learning activity.

The Gallery allows you to view all purchased learning activity.  You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback and receive an e-certificate to record your learning.

When do I receive my e-certificate?

Your e-certificate will be available once you have completed your learning activity and provided feedback.  You can download your certificate and add to your Continuous Professional Development portfolio.

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