Language Academy

English Language Support Services

Breaking down the language barriers in academic study and everyday life. The University have introduced an English Language support service to help assist with the language needs of International and European University students and members of the public. There are a range of opportunities to improve both academic and general English with taught year long modules, regular ‘drop in clinics’ and workshops and General English classes supported by trainee teachers under supervision.

English Language Support

English Language Support designed to address specific issues you may be having with use of English in an academic setting.

There is no need to enrol or register!  Attend any of the sessions as much as you like across the academic year

All events are supported by a team specialist academics of English Language who are trained to assess and help with your personal language needs.

‘Drop in’ Clinics

The drop-ins are relaxing, informal sessions where you can come to receive support for your individual language needs

Dates, Times & Locations

Semester 1: 25th September – 12th January 2018 (exc w/c 30th October & 18th December to 5th January)

Semester 2: 22nd January – 27th April 2018 (exc w/c 26th March to 6th April)

Monday (1pm – 2pm): Harrington Building 338a

Tuesday (11am – 12pm): Harrington Building 338a

Friday (1pm – 2pm) : Greenbank Building 269

Language Workshops

The workshops are themed, focusing on particular language skills that you will need to improve your Writing and Speaking in assignments.

  Greenbank Building 278 Greenbank Building 276 Greenbank Building 269


Wednesday (1-3pm) Thursday (1-3pm) Friday (11am – 12:30pm)
Language for essays: hedging ideas

24th January
22nd February
23rd March

. .
Language for presentations: organising ideas  

25th January
23rd February
21st March


Language for essays: citing authors


26th January
21st February
22nd March

Language for essays: describing a process

29th January
1st March
13th April

Language for presentations: opening and concluding  

31st January
2nd March
11th April

Language for essays: strengthening opinions through modality    

2nd February
28th February
12th April

Language for essays: giving a report

7th February
8th March
20th April

Pronunciation: sentence stress to emphasise key points  

8th February
9th March
18th April

Language for the classroom: turn-taking and negotiating . .

9th February
7th March
19th April

Pronunciation: listening for, and using, correct intonation

14th February
15th March
27th April

Language for the classroom: note-taking skills .

15th February
16th March
25th April

Language for assignments: reading and interpreting instructions . .

16th February
14th March
26th April