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Advising the international media on the politics, society, economy and international politics of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

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2018 News

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APRIL 2018

In April 2018, Dr Sojin Lim, Deputy Director of the IKSU received two grant schemes from the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) for the workshop and for her research project on “North Korea and the United Nations”.

IKSU Director’s Interview with Daily UNN

On 21 April 2018, the interview of Dr Niki Alsford, Director of the IKSU, on the landscape of Korean Studies and its future was published by the Daily UNN, the university newspaper network in South Korea. Further details.

Seven new academic partners for study abroad in South Korea

Due to increasing number of students in Korean pathway at the School of Language and Global Studies, Dr Niki Alsford and Dr Sojin Lim made a visit to South Korea in April 2018 to expand the partnership with academic institutions for wider opportunity of study abroad. Based on the existing partnership experience with 11 universities in South Korea, now UCLan has 7 more new partners. View our full list of academic partners of IKSU.

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MARCH 2018

UCLan as a new TOPIK Test Centre in the UK

On 23rd March, the Korean Education Centre and the IKSU agreed to have a Test of Proficiency in Korea (TOPIK) Test Centre in the UK at UCLan main campus from 2019 onwards. From 2019, there will be TOPIK tests twice a year at UCLan main campus in Preston, Lancashire. The other TOPIK Test Centre can be found in London. More details for application process will be announced near to test dates in 2019 at UCLan IKSU website.

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PhD candidate Priscilla Jung Kim had an article published on The Conversation in February 2018 about the relationship between North and South Korea in the wake of the Winter Olympics, entitled ‘How informal diplomacy might just get the Koreas to the negotiating table’.

A Post-Doctoral Research Position in Korean Studies at our Partner Institution!

We are pleased to share a Post-Doctoral position opening in Korean Studies at our partner institution, the Oriental Institute (OI) of the Czech Academy of Sciences. More details.

If you have any inquiries, please contact Dr Tana Dluhosova (, Project Coordinator of the Power research platform at the OI.

Great opportunities to be a part of UCLan student delegations in Korean Studies!

We are currently recruiting 2-3 volunteer student coordinators who will work for the Delegations for Dialogue (DFD) on the UCLan campus.

Delegations for Dialogue (DFD) is an NGO that organises travelling symposiums, fact-finding programs and sports & cultural diplomacy missions within important regions, often divided by conflict, with the aim of facilitating dialogue and promoting mutual understanding.

DFD provides future generations of leaders with the opportunity to engage directly with international affairs, particularly with issues related to North and South Koreas.

DFD also organises conferences and events locally within our growing network of university campus associations located around the world. Find out more about DFD.

For more details, please contact Dr Jihye Kim (, Associate Lecturer at UCLan.

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Dr Sojin Lim as a Council Member for the British Association for Korean Studies (BAKS)

Dr Sojin Lim has become a committee member for the British Association for Korean Studies (BAKS) from 2018 onwards. BAKS was founded in the late 1980s to support, promote and further Korean Studies in the UK. BAKS stimulates teaching and research on any aspect of Korea by hosting academic events and by publishing the peer-reviewed journal European Journal of Korean Studies, formerly Papers of the British Association for Korean Studies (BAKS Papers). BAKS also administers two scholarships: the British Korean Veterans Association/Samsung Undergraduate Study Year Abroad Bursary; and the British Korean Veterans Association/Samsung Post-Graduate Scholarship to Study in Korea.

BAKS Council is composed of academics, museum curators, librarians and members of the British Foreign Office with strong, long-standing interests in Korea. More details can be found here.

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2016 News  

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Preston student wins top prize in global contest

A Preston student has won a global competition for her research into North Korea.

Preston student wins top prize in global contest

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2015 NEWS

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Chokoladekiksen, der blev en politisk trussel for Nordkorea

North: Korea Markets and Military Rule

Image courtesy of Politiken

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Course to combat media 'trivialisation' of N Korea (.pdf 1.3MB)

MA to fill 'academic lacuna' and focus on the nation that is the 'key security issue for East Asia'.

MA North Korea - THE 

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JULY 2015


World first as UCLan launches new course

Preston is set to become the only place in the world - outside of South Korea- where students can undertake post graduate degree in North Korean studies.

Photo: The official opening of UCLan's International Institute of Korean Studies

The official opening of UCLan's International Institute of Korean Studies

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JULY 2015


It's Now Possible To Do A Masters On Kim Jong Un And North Korea At University of Central Lancashire

IKSU master program on North Korea reviewed.

Kim Jong Un

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May 2015

Dr Brian Rosebury, interviewed by Chosun Ilbo

In late May 2015, Dr Brian Rosebury, lecturer at UCLan's School of Humanities and Social Sciences was interviewed by Taehoon Lee from the Chosun Ilbo (one of the major daily newspapers in South Korea) in relation to the work of the of the Tolkien Society. The interview was featured on the Chosun Ilbo and is available (in Korean).

Mr. Lee also took the chance to visit IKSU, meeting Priscilla Kim - one of the PhD students, and Xi Chen, Assistant Lecturer in Korean Language.

Dr Brian Rosebury

Dr Brian Rosebury lecturer at School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Brian Rosebury

Mr Taehoon Lee (Chosun Ilbo) and Professor Rosebury visiting IKSU

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2014 NEWS

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April 2014

The Financial Times

Philippines seeks US support in confrontation with China (.pdf 1.5MB)