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IKSU staff have been awarded competitive research grants for a variety of projects on the politics, economics, society, culture and language of the two Koreas.


Dr. Hae-sung Jeon

Dr Hae Sung Jeon is in receipt of a grant from the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) in Seoul, Republic of Korea, as a co-researcher with Professor Amalia Arvaniti (University of Kent).

Project title: An Experimental Investigation of Prominence and Rhythm in Korean (2014-2016)

Project description: Speech rhythm is a poorly understood phenomenon that has been investigated largely on the basis of a small set of closely related European languages. Despite its elusive nature, rhythm is considered essential for language acquisition, speech production and language processing. Korean is a good test case as it is typologically unusual: it has neither stress (as in, for example, English), nor pitch accent (as in Japanese) phenomena that are said to be essential for the creation of rhythm. The researchers are conducting a series of speech perception experiments investigating a potential bias in Korean speakers’ rhythmic grouping and the role of rhythmic grouping in speech processing. The results will shed light on the nature of speech rhythm by providing an understanding of how rhythm works in a language that has proved so far impossible to classify.