Developing tomorrows talent for your business

An employer’s guide to Student Internships

The University of Central Lancashire is experienced in producing students who are ‘the ones to watch’ by providing them with a mix of sound academic theory and a range of current industry specific knowledge. Our Interns are:

  • Keen to develop their skills and competencies and make a real difference to your organisation
  • Provide up-to-date knowledge on academic research which will allow them to assist in any project
  • Provide a pool of labour without affecting permanent headcount which in turns provides great business flexibility
  • Talented, they demonstrate the talent that your business needs for the future on a trial basis so that you get the pick of an ever increasing bunch
  • Enthusiastic and save you the time and trouble of recruitment costs

We offer your business a real opportunity to recruit for six months to one year Interns who can work in a variety of trainee roles, such as:

  • Conference and Banqueting
  • Event Coordination
  • Event Administration
  • Food and Beverage
  • General Hospitality functions
  • Hotel Front Office or reception
  • Tour operations
  • Travel agents 

Our 24 and 48 week internships expose students to the world of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Industry work. They are real competence based opportunities that allow students to develop their potential whilst adding value to the business environment they work in.

How Does It Work?

Once you have contacted our Internship Team we will advertise your vacancy and then we can help with the recruitment process as much or as little as you like. If you would like our help we can:

  • Advise on Job Descriptions and person Specifications
  • Advise on Salary, terms and conditions
  • Organise selection events such as interviews and presentations
  • Provide on-going support Internship office staff and by visiting tutors
  • We are here to offer guidance and support to employers as they need it, so you should not hesitate to contact the Internship Office when the need arises

What we ask of you?

  • To provide a full-time training opportunity (37 hours per week)for our students which should last for 6- 12 months (or 24-48 weeks; 52 weeks if in the USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.)
  • A designated supervisor or line-manager who can provide the student with guidance and support and liaise with the University
  • Offer the student a salaried payment (of between £10,000 - £16,000 per annum)
  • Provide support to the students and make a commitment to their development over the course of the Internship
  • Complete all health and safety requirements as requested by the Internship office 
  • Provide employer liability cover for the student
  • Comply with standard employee rights and procedures

A Student’s Guide to Internships

Your Internship: 6 step process

Before contemplating an internship you are required to do some preliminary research:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What sort of organisation would you like to work for?
  • What do you want to achieve from your internship?
  • How much money will it cost?

Your career goals should be identified, these will allow you to determine your options. You should seek out and talk to tutors who have visited interns and students who have undertaken an internship at the organisation you want to approach. In other words, educate yourself on your options. There is a series of seminars aimed at providing this information, so please attend. View the web site list of potential host organisations and past intern profiles as they will guide your thinking. Read widely about the destinations you are interested in and the organisation you wish to approach.

Step One

Planning: think, plan, question, prepare, evaluate

  • Plan, research, question
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What sort of organisation do you want to work for?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What are the cost implications?

Step Two

Expression of Interest

  • Clarify your objectives: preferred country, what you want to achieve
  • List potential host organisations
  • Complete the expression of interest form and submit to Internship Coordinator
  • Prepare your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter
  • Meet with your Internship Divisional Coordinator to obtain approval and guidance

Step Three

Labour Market Search – Secure your internship

  • Approach potential host organisations
  • Make application for full-time internship positions (48 weeks)
  • Obtain an offer of an internship from the host organisation (to letter should include: duties, internship duration, supervisors contact details)
  • Consult with Internship Divisional Coordinator
  • Complete Internship documentation:
  • Risk assessment: research risks: personal safety, medical, cultural, language barriers, religion, customs
  • Health and safety checklists

Step four

Prepare for departure

  • Finalise budget and obtain necessary funds
  • Finalise itinerary, arrange travel and accommodation
  • Obtain necessary visa (international)
  • Ensure that the insurance documentation for travel and internship is in place and you have a copy of the document

Step five

Go on your Internship

  • Fulfil position obligations
  • Be professional at all time
  • Follow your host organisation rule regulations and procedures
  • Keep in regular contact with your visiting tutor
  • Be aware of your assessment requirements, Check module information pack on TL3101
  • Discuss your assessment requirements with your visiting tutor
  • Reflect on what you have learned and evaluate what you need to do to enhance your employability
  • Submit all course work on time – follow university assessment procedures for late submission etc.

Step six

Return: Complete your internship

  • Apply for accommodation before you return – if needed
  • Prepare your return poster for delivery to the second year students
  • Reflect upon what you have learnt
  • Complete the student evaluation form

For useful background information, please see the following blog: