Staff Profiles

The teaching staff at the Language Academy are all qualified in their specialised area and will provide students with the knowledge, skillset, confidence and support needed to be successful.

Our staff have taught English all over the world and are now dedicated to helping international students coming to the UK improve their English language skills.

The transition to the UK and university life can be difficult at first, and our staff are always on-hand to help provide friendly support and guidance needed to make your UCLan experience as enjoyable as possible.

Contacts Tel (01772 89-) Email

Director of Studies

Matt Thurston


Academic Team

Janet Applegarth | Associate Lecturer in ELT


Nadeem Aslam | EAP Tutor 

Elena Gandini | Lecturer in ESOL/EFL


Amanda Gorrell | Lecturer in ESOL/EFL 

Hieu Kieu | EAP Tutor

Christina Laporda | EAP Tutor 

Sangita Limbachia | EAP Tutor 

Sharon McCulloch | Senior Lecturer in ESOL


Chris McGuirk | Lecturer in TESOL/ELT


John Moggan | Associate EAP Tutor


David Ridley | Lecturer in ESOL/EFL


Hillary Ross | Lecturer in ESOL

William Salisbury | EAP Tutor 

Beverley Sanders | EAP Tutor 

Administration Team

Main Contact

3153 / 6427

Ian Bretherton | Deputy Head of Administration 

Alessia Beccia | Senior Administrative Assistant

Mark Pan | Administrative Assistant

Lucy Fox | English Language Project Officer

Molly Francis | Marketing Assistant