Short Courses for Korean Students

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Korean students, many who come from our partner universities in Seoul and Pusan, have the opportunity to take short courses lasting between 4 and 8 weeks in Preston at the University’s English Language Academy.

Korean students study English as Second Language and other English language courses suitable to their needs (which are assessed before the courses) and engage in cultural visits ranging from literary to sports to business themed tours. These courses have taken place during the Korean University vacations in winter and summer but also take place at other times of the year. Students mix with other students from all over the world and have the opportunity to interact with local people during the cultural events and in their own time.

Korean students Lim Sojung and Lee Hyoji came to UCLan for a summer course in English language in July and August 2015. They study at Pusan National University, which is UCLan's most recent academic partner in South Korea.

Korean students 

Korean students 

Lee Hyoji (First from left) and Lim Sojung (third from left) during one of their classes at the UCLan language academy.

Pusan National University (PNU) students’ experience at UCLan

PNU students participated in the winter school in The Language Academy at UCLan in February 2016. The students stayed on campus in university accommodation and studied with other students from different parts of the world. The PNU students had UCLan buddies who were studying Korean – the perfect partnership! The students’ experience of British culture really helps to improve their language skills, particularly their speaking and listening. Excursion to Manchester is always popular and everyone enjoyed walking out onto the pitch at Manchester United Stadium even those who aren’t football fans. Students really enjoyed learning about pancake day – a traditional celebration in the UK and after learning the recipe and history of pancakes in class, many students made pancakes for their friends back in their accommodation. Students also really enjoyed studying the story of The Titanic and then visiting ‘The Titanic Exhibition’ in the museum on the docks in Liverpool and enjoying some sight-seeing and shopping afterwards. The students reported, “In Korea, I’m really nervous to speak English because I had never been to a country that speaking English. But here, I’ve had many chances to speak English so I always speak English, it’s really fun and makes me happy to study English”. “I can speak English more fluently without fear. I think it’s due to many good friends I’ve met here, the teachers and the social activities”.


PNU students mixed with Japanese Exchange students and Saudi students from The Language Academy – outside York Minster on a cultural trip.


The Manchester United Stadium Tour.