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You can find IKSU team’s research outputs published from 2019 onwards in this section.

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Alsford, Niki (2019). Negotiating North Korea: Current Directions in the Emergence of North Korean Studies. Special Focus Introduction. North Korean Review, 15(1): 5-8.

Lim, Sojin (2019). Determinants of Aid Modalities: A Case of South Korea on Triangular Cooperation and Its Implication toward North Korea. . North Korean Review, 15(1): 73-93.

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IKSU Weekly Brief

IKSU has launched its ‘Weekly Brief’ about both North and South Koreas in October 2019.

July 2020

Past editions

Working Paper Series

We welcome submissions of previously unpublished manuscripts from across disciplines, which covers a range of issues related to Korea.

IKSU Working Papers

2018-01 “Whose Olympics: Pyeongchang or Pyongyang? A Roundtable Discussion on North Korea’s Gesture Politics – Edited by Niki Alsford and Sojin Lim”

2019-01 “North Korea and the United Nations: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Context of Fragile States – Sojin Lim”

2019-02 “Network Governance and UN Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study of Gyeongsangbukdo Province and Daegu Metropolitan City in South Korea – Sojin Lim and Sang-Hee Jung”

2020-01 “Political Use of Digital Media of South Koreans and Its Impacts on Democracy – Kyounghee Cho”

Submission Guidelines

  • No more than 8,000 words including references
  • Abstract up to 200 words
  • List five keywords at the end of the abstract
  • Include all authors titles, affiliations and email addresses
  • Times New Roman, 12 font
  • Reference at the end of the paper by using Harvard referencing style
  • Use British spellings

If you would like to submit a paper to be included in our working paper series, please email to Dr Jeong-Im Hyun:​.

Authors are responsible for ensuring that submissions do not breach copyright laws.

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