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We are the Northern School for Global Studies. We strive to be and to develop global leaders who are resourceful, creative and compassionate. We cherish intercultural inclusion within which academic quality, integrity, diversity and autonomy are our guiding principles and values.

As a student within the School, you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of international experiences. You can take a year abroad, visiting the country(ies) of your main target language(s). You can also work on projects relating to future employment, in a range of international career choices.

About the School

We currently offer language degrees in over 20 combinations, including studies in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

Learning Modern Languages will give you the ability to communicate freely in European and non-European languages in addition to studying history and culture. You can also take a degree in Modern Languages for International Business, which provides a foreign language coupled with business expertise.

Asia Pacific Studies allows you to study your chosen language as well as the region in a global and historical context.

If you are looking for an innovative course that combines business with Chinese language and culture, then the Business Management and Chinese course is for you.

English for International Corporate Communication will enable you to advance your professional communication skills in English across a wide range of business areas.

International Business Communication, a unique degree accredited by the British Council, will improve your intercultural business communication skills.

Finally, TESOL and a Modern Language will enable you to develop fluency in your chosen language as well as the theories and methodologies related to teaching and learning English.

We also offer MAs in TESOL and Applied Linguistics and International Business Communication.

From our taught MA programmes, it is possible to progress onto an MPhil/PhD research degree programme.

In addition to our wide-ranging degree programmes, we also offer study opportunities as part of our institution-wide language programme, which includes Italian, Turkish and Greek amongst others. So if you wanted to learn a language for your holiday, you could opt to take this route or also join us in our summer holiday language classes. All of our languages are available at beginner level and the more popular languages are also available at intermediate and advanced levels.

Our Worldwise Learning Centre is an excellent resource that provides you with international experiences and support for your global aspirations. It is home to the state-of-the-art Brahler Conference Interpreting Suite, a core facility for professional training in our MA Interpreting and Translation.

Recognised by industry professionals internationally, our courses deliver a strong emphasis on practical and vocational development which help students maximise their learning potential and provides our graduates with excellent employability skills.

The British Council are an accrediting body for several of our courses. Many of your tutors are active members of Chartered Institute of Linguists and Registered Practitioners/Fellows of the Higher Education Academy.

Across the School, we have a great history in teaching our subjects: we are still leading the way with innovative courses and we started the first and only Institute of Korean Studies outside London.

We also house one of the UK’s Confucius Institutes, through which we work with a range of Chinese centres of scholarship to promote Chinese culture and language.

Our cutting-edge research informs the subjects we teach and our courses are designed to equip students with the creativity, knowledge and skills that industry needs.

Study Abroad

You may have the opportunity to spend a period abroad, in the country(ies) you are studying, on either a work placement or a study placement. If your course requires a study year abroad you will receive free flights and free visas

Industry Standard Interpreting Suite

You will have access to two state-of-the-art conference interpreting suites with industry standard technology to prepare yourself for the world of interpreting and translation


Teaching is supported by cutting-edge research - our courses are research-informed and designed to equip students with the creativity, knowledge and skills required to succeed in whatever industry they enter.

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