Much of the research within the School of Art, Design and Fashion is based on a genuine desire to tackle aspects of societal challenge facing local communities globally: the need for people to belong and to have their cultural contribution recognised; the need for cities to change to meet technological and economic shifts while taking various and varying communities with them on the journey and importantly; the need to play a central part in an ecologically sustainable strategy for the global built environment.

Research within the School is structured into four groups, each infused with a passionate belief in art and design as a tool for change.

Making Histories Visible excavates creative histories and works with major museums to connect communities with their local and international heritage to ultimately encourage a sense of belonging and contribution across both.

Silicates Research Unit addresses the pace of new building development and the ever greater amounts of waste material that end up as landfill.

In Certain Places continues to attract international artists and partnerships to work with the city such as Alfredo Jaar, Blast Theory, Jeppe Hein and others, as a result of its innovative approach to creating projects with artists which reveal, critique and provoke new understandings of a place and peoples.

Collaborative Engagements consist of a cluster of four research projects with a broad reach across several creative communities.

  • Higher Education Research in Art & Design
  • Testing Space: interventions in independent publishing
  • Sound/Image Mix: encounters between sound, music and the visual arts
  • Fashion for Inclusivity: working with the clothed body