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Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning

Planning - safety and health


Emergency planning ensures early recovery from an unforeseen incident that maximises safety, minimises problems and enables operations to continue should the need arise. This plan will assist the University to manage such incidents rather than just merely ‘respond’ to them.

An incident may occur at any time of the day, night or weekend, with little or no warning. As it is not possible to predict the chain of events that may occur when an incident takes place, published emergency management plans can serve only as guidance and/or a checklist, requiring modification and adaptation whilst ‘in operation’ to meet the requirements of individual situations.

The University’s primary purpose when an emergency occurs is to ensure the safety and well-being of its staff/student community and to safeguard the environment. Thereafter, early recovery from an unforeseen incident will be the priority and will require the full co-operation of all people and organisations involved.

The emergency plan covers those areas that are within the management remit of the University.

Emergency Management Plan: Information leaflet (.pdf 551 Kb)

Emergency Management Plan: Part 1: Arrangements (.pdf 290 Kb)