People, Place and Environment

We explore the ways in which people interact with the places in which they live and work and how these may shape them as individuals or as a community.

With a range of expertise across many areas, our research spans the fields of archaeology, environmental science, the built environment and art installation. This work incorporates architecture, urban cityscapes, law and the prison system, site-specific art and performance, and the history of place. Major areas of research strength include migration (both historic and contemporary) and the Asia-Pacific region, where we are noted for our ground-breaking work on Korea, Taiwan and the South China Sea. This research is leading to new insights into how communities and organisations can thrive within their societies.

Areas of Research Strength

Applied Public Health

Research in applied public health covers elements of health protection and health promotion. This research also links with the UCLan Research Themes for Sustainability, Business and Enterprise and People, Place and Environment. It spans nutrition and food safety and the promotion of improved health and wellbeing.

Our applied public health research

Asia Pacific

Our researchers study the history, culture and politics of the Asia Pacific region, with significant strengths in Korea, Taiwan, China, Russia and Japan. We are established hubs of research, teaching and public policy in the study of these countries, and run numerous conferences and symposiums inviting international key speakers.

Our Asia Pacific research

Field Archaeology and Forensic Taphonomy

Research in this area has a firm emphasis on scientific analysis and encompasses work in archaeology, forensic anthropology and forensic genetics. Our academics undertake exciting global archaeological activity, in places such as world-renowned sites from Orkney to California, working with the police and pathologists, and DNA profiling.

Our field archaeology and forensic taphonomy research

History and Heritage

Concentrating mainly on modern history since 1780, this research specifically covers public engagement with history and heritage. We examine the history of labour and people, as well as international history. There are a number of specific groups, such as Russian studies and sign language and deaf studies.

Our history and heritage research

Maternal and Child Health Research

Our research in this area benefits from knowledge across many fields, with specific expertise in Maternal and Child Nutrition, Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF), Breastfeeding, Perinatal Mental Health, Childbirth and Global Midwifery Practices Evaluation and Research. We work with a range of organisations on projects for the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, the NHS, the Wellcome Trust and many more. Our aim is to support the lives of children, parents, families and systems that can facilitate and improve health and wellbeing.

Our maternal and child health research

Migration, Diaspora and the Black Atlantic

This area of research brings together researchers from area studies, languages, literature, history and art who study the history and present-day impact of mass migration on culture and society across the world. We work specifically in the three main areas of contemporary art and communities, Black Atlantic research and the understanding of places.

Our migration, diaspora and The Black Atlantic research

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