Arts, Culture and Heritage

Led by world leading academics and practitioners we have a thriving culture in fine arts, film, theatre, dance, music, humanities, languages, linguistics, cultural studies, history, heritage and global studies.

We work with local, regional and international partners, ranging from museums such as the Tate and the International Slavery Museum to arts collectives. We work with community groups, global organisations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross and international university partners. This enables us to deliver internationally outstanding research across creative and critical disciplines.

Areas of research strength

Art gallery exhibition

Creative Practice, History and Theory

Creative Practices Research in Arts, Culture and Heritage brings together creative practitioners and those who write about creative practice, in the areas ranging from Art and Music to Dance and the Media.

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Two people consult a chart at an archaeology dig site

Field Archaeology and Forensic Taphonomy

Research in this area has a firm emphasis on scientific analysis and encompasses work in archaeology, forensic anthropology and forensic genetics. Our academics undertake exciting global archaeological activity, in places such as world-renowned sites from Orkney to California, working with the police and pathologists, and DNA profiling.

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Cartoon artwork of the Peterloo uprising

History and Heritage

Concentrating mainly on modern history since 1780, this research specifically covers public engagement with history and heritage. We examine the history of labour and people, as well as international history. There are a number of specific groups, such as Russian studies and sign language and deaf studies.

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Gallery exhibition time-lapse, with blurred out visitors

Migration, Diaspora and the Black Atlantic

 This area of research brings together researchers from area studies, languages, literature, history and art who study the history and present-day impact of mass migration on culture and society across the world. We work specifically in the 3 main areas of contemporary art and communities, Black Atlantic research and the understanding of places.

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